[D-G] Trying to locate specific quotes in Deleuze and Guattari

Peter Connolly pconnolly at unitec.ac.nz
Sun Oct 4 16:24:05 PDT 2009

I have been trying to find the locations in the writing by Deleuze 
and Guattari (and commentators?) of the following:

1. where Deleuze says something to the effect that grasping the 
difference between difference and diversity is difficult. I seem to 
remember the phrase 'difficult distinction', but have not been able 
to locate after very close examination of Difference and Repetition.

2. where Deleuze says something like the reintroduction of time into 
thought is not the destruction of space but the 'spiritualising of 
space' (am I imagining this phrase...it stuck in my head). I thought 
it was also in D&R.

3. where Deleuze, Deleuze quoting Spinoza or a commentator says, 
something like, there are three realms of expression....the world 
expresses, representation re-expresses and something about actions 
expressing/rexpressing. I feel that it was in Expressionism in 
Philosophy but cannot find it.

4. a commentator. I think in a footnote, says that it is only in 
Critical and Clinical and What is Philosophy? that affect is treated 
by Deleuze/Guattari as an autonomous entity.

Would really appreciate any leads.


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