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To all,

I assume you are speaking to me, as I was the one who wrote the laconic blurb on the BwO. This is my first time here; first time to express my nomadic thoughts within this contained population or subjected group rather. As it turns out though, I do, in fact, have a manuscript in process, a Deluzio-Guattarian encyclopedia and term guide for the 2 volumes of Capitalism & Schizophrenia as a signifier to the only readily obtainable book, the Deleuze Dictionary, as it only scratches the surface of the field or plan(e) of immense. I hope to be rhizomorphous here, draw some semiotic chains, incite connectivity and heterogeneity, and unearth some unassembled particles. I hope I'm in the correct neighborhood. I guess I should have introduced myself first, but here ya go, my name is Christopher. 


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Hello Sylvie,

Very suprising and pleasing to meet you again in this
list after that long time,
especially without any
introductin or explanation.

Or are you for the first time in this list
and are not identical with Sylvie Ruelle
writing here some years ago,
working scientfically on D&G?

Looks like, you found an interpretation
of the BWO, the last theme of our correspondence,
related to yoga.

Reads very differenticiated, to send some Deleuzian terminology flowers.

Greetings Harald Wenk

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>Wow!   Wonderful!
>On May 29, 2009, at 9:00 AM, ccorey at frontiernet.net wrote:
>>A Post-Modern Critique of ³Evil is Alive and Well¹
>>Šif we define the BwO as the process of finding oneself, where 
>>everything is played out, the Indian is surly seeking it. As a mold 
>>he mobilizes a maximum of exterior forces in search of his 
>>treasured Esperanza. He is in a process, through Combustion, of 
>>escape or infinite division on the plane of consistency. He is 
>>transversed by machines in a non-organic regime. Like Beckett¹s 
>>pebble-pocket-mouth-shoe-pipe he has his ring-statue-radio-kitty 
>>cat-rosary; he has these machines among other machines; machine 
>>parts boxed up almost in their own search for outlet; a plugging 
>>into the flow of desire; a loving and raging desire in periodic 
>>alteration at every moment. He is consistently up against a regime 
>>of totalization, collaboration, synergy, integration, inhibition, 
>>and disjunction. By assemblages he plugs into desire, effectively 
>>taking charge of his desires, assuring their continuous connections 
>>and transversal tie-ins.
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Christopher Corey
Freedom is Existence

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