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Hello Sylvie,

I hope you have finished your work on D&G.

Commenting the statemnt below\below on the BWO,
we see the symbolsim , the pragmatics and
the difference between "relative" and "absolute"

While yogic malas, the counterparts of rosarys,
are for counting up to 108, normally breath takes,
without using an inner voice counter,
cathioc rosarys count own voice repetions.

The kitty is a necessity for the relation to non-yogic economocal
milieu has survived in christian church.

So,  for yogis these are relative and the play
of molecular machines and building up is
desiresis much more like tasting and
feeling directly, the desire and its fulfillment
are so close, that the original
thesis of the Anti-Oldie, that desire
has prima facie no lack and object comes to its
existential, chemical, psychosomatic right.

  It is like drinkin wine in the brani itself
without having any need to do so.
It is the body of organ who does it,
because it is "automatic", a
copule of chemical consumptin machines from the blood
by the nerve cells with perception and affections, i.e. pleasure feelings.

The danger of  totalisation is
banned by the gynmnastic asanas,
not so much by the fierce concentration not
to tototalitze in ideas.
You know, that a totalization as
advaita, non-twoness, takes
place on a philosophical level
and the ability of concentration on
one issue or object for a long time,
building a plateau of concentrated thinking,
is the aim and fruit of these BWO
consumption machines.
(dhyana, dharana).

This gives something like "transcendetal meditation",
as the process of concentration runs by
these BWO machines, not by concentration,
building up (narrative like) sense by another training of the
attention, which is of coure trained in yoga
too on earlier stges of excercices.

There are stages, where even this object is dropped,
giving direct desire/fullfillment - desire/fullment,
in Anti-Oedipe teminology, voluptas and numen
almost coincide in pur flux of desire/consumption.

So, it is really the journey to within", see BWO, thousand plateaus on yoga,
and the mentioned machines with "externals", rosray, kitty, are very 
secondary - therefore the very
relative deterritolization on them.
The outer appearance of this full BWO of the yogi are more a good smell,
a good health, a strong physis, a good memory, very fine emontional
machine/perception/affect building.

Of course, the BWO itself is percepted and affected, but this
something more for feeling.

The stages between of feeling the very tiny syntheses different from 
the micro perception,  goes to the perception of the neve acivtydirectly, 
is synchronized by one rhythm and is thus building up
a sensual plateau.

Maybe you are not interested in these remarks, but there has been a question
some  time ago, "how it is
to have a BWO".

Here is an answer which  may hit  the question more than that earlier 

I hope, you yourself are doing Yoga as well.

There is a book of Amy Winehouse. A new tantra for the body.
This seems to be very interesting concerning yoga and the BWO too.

The full yogic BWO is, as Spinoza clairvoyanted at the end of he ethics:
".Everything wonderful is as difficut as seldom"

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> Hi Harold!
> Yes, it's me.
> Sylvie
> On May 30, 2009, at 7:43 AM, Harald Wenk wrote:
>> Hello Sylvie,
>> Very suprising and pleasing to meet you again in this
>> list after that long time,
>> especially without any
>> introductin or explanation.
>> Or are you for the first time in this list
>> and are not identical with Sylvie Ruelle
>> writing here some years ago,
>> working scientfically on D&G?
>> Looks like, you found an interpretation
>> of the BWO, the last theme of our correspondence,
>> related to yoga.
>> Reads very differenticiated, to send some Deleuzian terminology  flowers.
>> Greetings Harald Wenk
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>>> Wow!   Wonderful!
>>> On May 29, 2009, at 9:00 AM, ccorey at frontiernet.net wrote:
>>>> A Post-Modern Critique of ³Evil is Alive and Well¹
>>>> Šif we define the BwO as the process of finding oneself, where 
>>>> everything is played out, the Indian is surly seeking it. As a  mold he 
>>>> mobilizes a maximum of exterior forces in search of his  treasured 
>>>> Esperanza. He is in a process, through Combustion, of  escape or 
>>>> infinite division on the plane of consistency. He is  transversed by 
>>>> machines in a non-organic regime. Like Beckett¹s 
>>>> pebble-pocket-mouth-shoe-pipe he has his ring-statue-radio-kitty 
>>>> cat-rosary; he has these machines among other machines; machine  parts 
>>>> boxed up almost in their own search for outlet; a plugging  into the 
>>>> flow of desire; a loving and raging desire in periodic  alteration at 
>>>> every moment. He is consistently up against a  regime of totalization, 
>>>> collaboration, synergy, integration,  inhibition, and disjunction. By 
>>>> assemblages he plugs into desire,  effectively taking charge of his 
>>>> desires, assuring their  continuous connections and transversal 
>>>> tie-ins.
>>>> -c-
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