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A Post-Modern Critique of “Evil is Alive and Well’

…if we define the BwO as the process of finding oneself, where everything is played out, the Indian is surly seeking it. As a mold he mobilizes a maximum of exterior forces in search of his treasured Esperanza. He is in a process, through Combustion, of escape or infinite division on the plane of consistency. He is transversed by machines in a non-organic regime. Like Beckett’s pebble-pocket-mouth-shoe-pipe he has his ring-statue-radio-kitty cat-rosary; he has these machines among other machines; machine parts boxed up almost in their own search for outlet; a plugging into the flow of desire; a loving and raging desire in periodic alteration at every moment. He is consistently up against a regime of totalization, collaboration, synergy, integration, inhibition, and disjunction. By assemblages he plugs into desire, effectively taking charge of his desires, assuring their continuous connections and transversal tie-ins. 


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Do you see the body without organs and theater of cruelty in Jakob  
Dylans video "Evil is Alive and Well"?

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