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Dear Group,

>From the table of matter from the link of this
advertisment one sees, that the Body without organ plays an
important role.

AS my last emails concerned the yogic/desire in connection with
brain physiology, especially the consumption and  the basic molecular 
its concious perception., giving desire going through a casacade of brain 
actvity sructuring it in a dynamical way
 by stratas, which are structured dynamicly partly themselves by that.

I like to emphasize, that the "absolute"  deterritolization is concerned
with the improvement and perception of the brain physiology,
while the is "surplus" from that physiology,
there is more "perception" aand activity than that being needed
for physlogical perception of the brain, the body in general and even
sense perception in the physiological sense.

This "surplus" of perception, a bit driven by perception of pain and its 
goes to a surplus on code etc., the long way from the molecule in the brain 
to complexes.

The fundamental setting of the  brain strata, its dynamic and the
social and ontological strata, with the logic of Spinoza:
substance Atrtibutes and modes
and his analysis of ideas or the attribute of thinking
is the ever present background.

The "connection" between brain stratas and sructures and social, ontological
ones is something like the definition of Deleuze/Guattari Philosophy.

A Marx adviced, you have to have the full reality of something
before your eyes, if you want to resarch or understand something.

Therfore this complex interplay of the the brain and its structure
has to be kept in mind.
"It is all in the head, but nothing has ever been more real"
This is: being true in the brain, as posed in Spinoza.

In my eyes, it is much to easy and far to often  done to forget
the long way and myriads of stratas  from the molecule in the blood or brain
to the complex notions ans social or political notions
or systems.

This is in my eyes one of the reason for the poor academic
aand even  onon academic reception of the "phisophy of the century",
which it is able to be by its especially neurological impact, even without 

But, the micro/macro building and the life and affects
and the existence of the notions and great complexes stay obscure
without its revolutionary and synthetisizing view of Deleuze/Guattari.

 So, not to forget the desire building instance before trying to
build machines out of "wrong ones", which
are much to much present in the real world.
than "desirable".
Of course there are a lot of "bad desire machines",
becoming molar or huge social machines.

So, the full impact of the fineness of Deluzian phlilosophy and its ability
of surpassing other critical philosophies, like Frankfurt school for example
or pure Marxism, lies in the molecular to universum analysis and concepts.

 This comes down to for example, that politics, even private ones  and even 
science cannot start from
ready made notions of desire.
There is strong social pressure in modern burgeois societes to do
so in course of axiom like I or individuality as ground unit,
which "respect" thus becoming a molar regulating value.

Here, Deleuzian Philosophy can bring much more "micro" shelter,
surpassing "human rights" alone.

Greetings Harald Wenk

Greetings Harald Wenk

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> Parution de l'ouvrage collectif "Contr'hommage pour Gilles Deleuze.
> Nouvelles lectures, nouvelles écritures", aux Presses de l'Université
> Laval :
> http://www.pulaval.com/catalogue/contr-hommage-pour-gilles-deleuze-9312.html
> Sous la direction de Dalie Giroux, René Lemieux, Pierre-Luc Chénier.
> Illustrations de Martin tom Dieck.
> Résumé :
> La pensée de Gilles Deleuze a longtemps été associée à celle de Mai 68,
> aux idées contestataires du monde étudiant et à la vie subversive.
> Certains ont voulu réduire sa pensée à une « philosophie du désir ». Mort
> en 1995, Deleuze a pourtant été un philosophe des concepts et du système.
> En dialogue avec cette ouvre aussi radicale que multiforme, le présent
> ouvrage constitue le premier collectif francophone nord-américain sur la
> pensée de Gilles Deleuze. Il réunit des lecteurs provenant de différents
> horizons disciplinaires : philosophie, science politique, études
> cinématographiques et littéraires, arts visuels et création littéraire.
> Liste des personnes qui ont collaboré à l'ouvrage :
> Alain Beaulieu, Erik Bordeleau, Serge Cardinal, Pierre-Luc Chénier, Denis
> Courville, Maurice G. Dantec, Martin tom Dieck, Dalie Giroux, Andreas
> Krebs, Francis Lapointe, René Lemieux, Lawrence Olivier,
> Sylvano Santini, Claudine Vachon, Sjoerd Van Tuinen.
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