[D-G] New Deleuze Book (Apologies for the Shameless Self-Promotion)

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Mon Jun 1 18:09:38 PDT 2009

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

My new book, *Deleuze and the Sign*, is now available on Amazon.com.




*Deleuze and the Sign* ($16.95)
*by Christopher M. Drohan*

   - *Paperback:* 146 pages
   - *Publisher:* Atropos Press (May 15, 2009)
   - *Language:* English
   - *ISBN-10:* 0981997201
   - *ISBN-13:* 978-0981997209
   - * Product Dimensions: * 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.3 inches

Deleuze and the Sign presents a concise introduction to Deleuze's semiotics.
Expounding upon Deleuze's work on Proust, the author reveals a thoroughly
developed theory of the sign that is at the heart of Deleuze's ontology,
epistemology, and ethics. Beginning with Deleuze's concept of the sign as a
"search for truth", the author argues that the sign phenomenon is
fundamentally an existential quandary. In turn, our engagement with signs
reveals complex effects and affects, alluding to infinite "essences" within
them. In the last chapter, the author demonstrates how Deleuze reconciles
his existential semiotics with Spinoza's ontology. In this scheme, signs
occupy a rather unique place, existing at the threshold between modes and
their essences. Searching signs, we merge with these essences so as to
infinitely produce the new, in an existential engagement with the very truth
and power of substance. Ultimately we discover that Deleuze's semiotics is
actually an ethical prescription, wherein he proposes the search of signs as
a means of living in accordance with universal truth.

Christopher M. Drohan is currently an Assistant Director at the European
Graduate School of Media and Communication, Saas-Fee, Switzerland. Drohan is
also Chief Editor of "Semiophagy: Journal of Pataphysics and Existential
Semiotics", an experimental on-line journal published bi-annually. Recently,
he has published several articles on global semiotics, philosophy in graphic
novels, and existential phenomenology.

Dr. Christopher M. Drohan, MA, PhD

Assistant Director, Canadian Group
The European Graduate School
of Media and Communication
Saas-Fee, Switzerland
Email: chris at europeangraduateschool.net

Education Consultant
The Study, Alternative Day School
Toronto, Ontario
Email: chris at thestudyschool.ca

Chief Editor
"Semiophagy: Journal of Pataphysics and Existential Semiotics"

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