[D-G] what is phil question: help needed

Christopher C Jones ccjones at ceinternet.com.au
Sat Jan 31 03:19:32 PST 2009

Hiya, I was hoping philosophers may be able to comment the following
suggestion on what is philosophy from a perspective which is not

I am writing a poetics and aesthetics which is a pragmatics of how art
is made but I need a way to demonstrate or show that while this writing
looks like theory writing it is not philosophy. The question here, it
seems, is why is this not philosophy and the only thing I can think of
that may explain this is to claim that philosophy needs a transcendental
while the poetics and aesthetics I am writing does not need or even use
a transcendental.

To say, following Deleuze, that philosophy creates concepts is to make a
transcendent claim with respect to the above. Laruelle's non-philosophy
seems to demonstrate this well enough.

The basic categories of lyric and narrative, which is to say the
categories of mimesis and diegesis following Aristotle, is no longer a
way to think narrative. It follows from this that a poetics and theory
of narrative can be written which is not philosophy. The only question
then is how is narrative made.

Of course, phil can still ask the question; what is narrative, but can
only do so by recognising the categories of lyric and narrative are no
longer the grounds of poetics and aesthetics. Further to this it is not
possible to think these terms on the basis or grounds laid out by Kant.

best, Chris Jones.

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