[D-G] 1949 Diss. on Spinoza and Vedanta

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Hi Mark, I wonder how many other old 'spooners' lie dormant here? It is good to hear from you. What are you up to reading-wize these days? I've been doing a lot of hands on-working with trainee clinical psychologists before they are seduced by logical positivism-working with service users to promote service user led recovery orientated practice-not quite a molecular revolution but working on it

free the bastille..

Sloughing one's skin.-The snake that cannot slough its skin perishes. Likewise spirits which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be spirits (Nietzsche: Daybreak:V:573)   

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Hi Harald, Paul, Susan, maybe Others still out there.. Donot unscribe. Your resistance is futrile! Fret knot, except to strum, IRREDUCTIONS are coming - the PRINCE OF NETWORKS soon to arrive. keep the faith with Sigmund Fraud
> And Spinza open states: "Shame and disgust are not
> included in the guidance of reason"
but maybe they are? What reasons are not guided by shame and disgust, pride and prejudice?

Seriously, you would all be swept away on the Fixer's broom ("I didn't understand every word but when you're dealing with such ideas you feel as though you were taking a witch's ride" - Malamud ;) if you can overcame the fear of dreaded BLOGZ, do check out the astonishing Spinozism at http://kvond.wordpress.com/
- Mark{in time}

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