[D-G] Neurological Background of the maine notion of, Deleuze and Guattari - inspired by Lacan - this may be very, illumunating

Sylvie Ruelle sylvie_ruelle at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 17 14:37:12 PST 2009

In Dialogues, Deleuze puts a note:

Page 119

"My ideal, when I write about an author, would be to write nothing that 
would cause him sadness, or if he is dead, that might make him weep in 
his grave.  Think of the author you are writing about.  Think of him 
hard so that he can no longer be an object, and equally so that you 
cannot identify with him.  Avoid the double shame of the scholar and the 
familiar.  Give back to the author a little bit of the joy, the energy, 
the love of life and politics that he knew how to give and invent.  So 
many dead writers must have wept about what has been written about them."

Hope this helps.

Sylvie Ruelle
Arcata, CA, USA

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