[D-G] Thoreau, etc.

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Mon Aug 31 07:11:10 PDT 2009

Yes, these remarks are educatively packed with fine-grained

Consider, as I have, what to say to Mexican insurgents laying low
during daylight along the Arizona border just inside the Organ Pipe
Cactus National Monument avoiding tourist sightings, Border Patrol
overflights, unmanned human scent sniffers, hired-trackers and
double-crossing informants making a buck turning in their own
adventure-eager late-capitalists.

Do you first assay their disease threat or share your water jug
with mouths containing germs lethal to Norteamericanos?

When offered in return for your drink a mash of cornmeal, hot sauce,
pig grease and chicken claw, will you down it without fear of
toxic infection far dealier than Montezuma's Revenge?

Can you tell them in plain Aztecan-Chinese-Spanish-Mexican-
Anglo patois what bodily and trans-cultural erasure threats they
face coming into a country out of its mind with blind faith in
science and religion as answers to sickness and mortality,
wealth accumulation and warmaking as tonic for anxiety, high
art and pornography as emodiments of highest education,
computers and the Internet as antidotes to Thoreavian reflection,
overeating and dieting as enhanced masturbation, women and
children sexual abuse and adoration as legalized torture by
figures of greatest authority?

When a knife is pulled by a dusty grimacing female to demand
your money in SoCal-lingo mercilessness, how will you convince
the menacing brokers you are merely a golden-hearted American
with only boundless guilt to offer?

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