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Vinculin has been mentioned for both Batrachochytrium and Yersinia. At the vinculin level, a report from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on romidepsin connects the reader to cancer research and Chromobacterium violaceum:

'Romidepsin (also called FK228, depsipeptide) is a bicyclic depsipeptide that was isolated from Chromobacterium violaceum and potently inhibits tumor growth....The mechanistic basis for the anti-tumor activity of HDAC inhibitors (histone deacetylase family of enzymes) remains poorly understood and is a topic of intense investigation.'
(Hanker B, Healy DK, Nichols J, Journal of Molecular Signaling, (2009) 1750-2187)

Having done some work at the Cantino lab at Michigan State University on Morchella (morels), it should be noted that it is here that much work on the water molds, such as Blastocladiella emersonii (a chytrid) also took place. The reader is still at the vinculin level in cell biology:


18281163  Blastocladiella / HSP-90 (heat-shock protein-90)

12183060  Mactinin / Macrophage Maturation

Heat-shock proteins from mulberry (morus species) are induced due to coming frost, when the tree will begin the dromancy cycle and one compound produced is deoxynorjirimycin, which has the properties of preventing maturation of the hepatitis B virus. This may be compared with mactinin and its maturation-promoting properties for the human immune system shown in the abstract, above. Curiously, Pubmed has no references for the assemblage mactinin[AND]hsp-90 (or mactinin[AND](hsp)-90). 

Mactinin, a Fragment of Cytoskeletal Alpha-Actinin, is a Novel Inducer of Heat Shock Protein (Hsp)-90 Mediated Monocyte Activation

What has been posted links pathogen invasion parameters with cancer therapy parameters as well as climate change. Yet, ageing factors in Alzheimer's fibronectin compare with Batrachochytrium fibronectin gene which, like vinculin, has also been sequenced.



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