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Good idea but this book is not easy to get. (I think that essay is maybe reprinted somewhere in Semiotica. In fact there is a whole issue of Semiotica on Uexkull...

You could also try my 'Primacy of Semiosis: an ontology of relations.' It has a chapter on von Uexkull and his umwelten. Plus some stuff on Deleuze. 
I, of course, really don't care if you read it but as a research tool it might be of value (constantin boundas seemed to like it). 

paul bains

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check this out, I would say its a key source for what your interested in.
Jakob von Uexküll, "A Stroll Through the Worlds of Animals and Men: A
Picture Book of Invisible Worlds," *Instinctive Behavior: The Development of
a Modern Concept*, ed. and trans. Claire H. Schiller (New York:
International Universities Press, Inc., 1957), pp. 5–80.

Deleuze, surely mentions Uexkull when talking about affect in one of the
chapters in Spinoza: Practical Philosophy

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> Any advice on readings on affect ?
> Usha
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