[D-G] Can anyone help?

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Sun Oct 26 02:49:51 PDT 2008

Dear chris  Filip and super dragon,
The proposal of reading "critque and clinque"
is no more actual?

There are a lot of scientific journals.
There are even some online scientific journals which
published articles on Deleuze and Guattari.
Is your paper more in direction philosophy or more for literature?
Is there any academic or political background?

Greetings Harald Wenk

PS: I already mentioned some examples than
elementary particle theory of matter for "essential differences".
Concerning the essay on Bergson of Deleuze,
the difference of essence and the difference of degree
are different differences, so,
a difference of differences occurs here.

MfG Harald Wenk

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Hey everyone, I don't know if this is the place to do it, but I'm developing
a paper on Deleuze and reading/writing, and I am looking for feedback. I was
told that I should submit it to a journal for feedback, but I think it is
too long for that (it is about 7,900 words). I need to clarify and condense
the paper, but I feel too close to fix anything. Does anyone have any
suggestions as to where I should go to find feedback for the paper? Thanks.
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