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Apocryphal Theatre
  ³experimental theatre for all²
10 Kenilworth Ave., London E17 4PE
Artistic Director: Julia Lee Barclay    Associate Director: Lucy Avery
Apocryphal Laboratory:
Bill Aitchison, Lukas Angelini, Alison Blunt, Zoë Bouras, Rachel Ellis,
Birthe Jorgensen, Boris Kahnert, Jane Munro, Theron Schmidt, Melina Seldes

Dear Friends of Apocryphal Theatre,

Welcome to Apocryphal's first newsletter!  Apocryphal Theatre lab is 
an international group of performers, dancers, visual artists and 
musicians dedicated to unearthing the reality-grid of right now, both 
public and private.  Along with being resident at Camden People's 
Theatre, we are represented by Lorem Ipsum Gallery, which attests to 
how our work and our individual artists create within and between the 
worlds of art, performance and experimental theatre.   We hope you 
are interested in Apocryphal, but If you would rather not receive 
this newsletter, please feel free to unscubscribe.

Apocryphal Festival - November at Camden People's Theatre:

We are excited to be presenting presenting a festival from 8-16 
November in collaboration with Camden People's Theatre 
(cptheatre.co.uk), showing work of our individual and group work.  We 
are glad to be able to showcase the multiplicity of voices that make 
up Apocryphal, and hope you will join us.  You may have seen some of 
this work in early stages at our very successful mini-festival at 
Lorem Ipsum Gallery in January-February 2008, and you can now see how 
it has developed.  On Saturday 15 November you can get a sneak 
preview of Besides, you lose your soul or the History of Western 
Civilisation as Apocryphal members perform an improvised response to 
this new text by Julia Lee Barclay, which we will be performing in 
February 2009 at CPT.  This will be a pay what you can fundraising 
event for that project, so please come along if you are able.  Drinks 
and sparkling conversation after the show so you tell us how you 
really feel.&nb sp; For more information about the festival, you can 
check out the schedule and show descriptions on our website: 

Workshop at Festival - open call for participation:

As part of the festival, Julia Lee Barclay will offer a workshop to 
teach the tools created by the Apocryphal lab in London 
(2004-present) and in labs she led in NYC at The Present Company from 
1997-2002.  The workshop will culminate in participants creating 
their own scores using the Apocryphal tools for an informal showing 
on the final day of the festival (16 November).    If you are 
interested in our work, how we do it, and searching for ways to 
stimulate your own practice with new tools, this would be a good 
workshop for you.

The workshop focuses on techniques of levels of address and presence 
and ways of cutting these up, influenced by Burroughs/Gysin¹s 
experiences of cutting up text and images on the page and 
transferring this idea to live improvisation.  As the Apocryphal lab 
includes artists, writers, musicians and dancers, this workshop is 
open to anyone from these disciplines as well as theatre, performance 
and live art.  The workshop is suited to a broad range of experience 
from dedicated university students to seasoned professionals, the 
main requirement being an interest in experimentation and taking 
artistic risks outside of your comfort zone

Julia has taught this workshop in London and internationally at such 
venues as Chisenhale Dance Space, CPT, Arcola, FringeNYC and multiple 
universities in the UK and US.

The workshop will be small (no more than 12 people), so if interested 
send along your CV soon to julialeebarclay at yahoo.com for 
consideration (or email her with any questions). The workshop will 
take place in the main theatre space in the afternoons on 
Saturday-Sunday 8-9 and 15-16 November with a fee of £100/£50 (conc.).

For more information about the workshops and the company, please see 
Apocryphal¹s website at <>www.flyingoutofsequence.org.

Some sample feedback from past workshops:

³...the work began to deconstruct what it means to 'perform' and it 
brought a level of honesty and truth that I had never explored before²

³It made me look to a whole new levelŠI could take this and apply it 
to lots of other work that I do.²

³You opened up a whole new idea to me and it has endless benefits²

And finally....

We're official!

In July we formally incorporated as a not for profit theatre company 
and we are now raising funds for our upcoming show at Camden People's 
Theatre in February 2009 Besides, you lose your soul or the History 
of Western Civilisation.  Our new status will enable us to expand our 
fundraising efforts and create the stable base we want for our lab 
and our productions. 

All best wishes and hoping to see you soon,
Lucy Avery
Associate Director

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