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Hello Filip,

Thank you too, Filip.
I will read it,  maybe I have done it already.
You are obviously concerned with Bergsons
time of Deleuze, which is at the start of the book of  Hardt too.
You may, if you like, read the article of DeDjin later or not, if you like.

To the Vedanta case I like to add,
that Hegel characterizes Spinoza as "oriental" -
this included India.

"Psychisme" means the  feature of every
being, including minerals, to have a kind of "soul".
This is in general the "killing argument"
against Spinoza as too speculative.  But the other way
round it is the possibility to build up "complex"
souls out of molecules and to
understand feeling and thinking
connected to physiological processes.
Of course the chemical or mechanical
  amalgation of memory  in Bergson too.

But you know this probably all already.

greetings Harald Wenk

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thank you Harald, i didn't check that.
i will try to find an english version for all the other readers.

the article i was refering to can be seen (at least a summary) on line


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