[D-G] Call for Papers - First Annual Art and Philosophy Conference

Joseph Nechvatal jnech at thing.net
Mon Oct 29 16:33:57 PDT 2007

Call for Papers - First Annual Art and Philosophy Conference at
Stony Brook Manhattan:
March 28 - 29, 2008

The Masters in Art and Philosophy Program at Stony Brook University 
in Manhattan studies the intersections of art and theory. In our 
efforts to further the dialogue between traditionally disparate 
fields of study, we offer this conference as an interdisciplinary 
event. We welcome participants from a variety of fields and media to 
respond to our inaugural theme: veils

Desiring dialogue between the worlds of art and philosophy, this 
conference investigates the relationship between creative activity 
and theoretical endeavor as they bear upon the notion of veils. 
Invoking "veils," we gesture toward perception and materialization 
through method, space and presence, hiddenness, mechanism, 
expressivity, feeling, purpose and meaning. How are these elements 
significant in the movement of art and philosophy? How do different 
media map the horizon of truth in art? Are art and theory more or 
less veiled in relation to each other? Does contemporary culture 
stand in need of greater or fewer, more opaque or more transparent 
veils?  How does engaging the trope of veils contribute to the 
dialogue between aesthetic theory, artistic practice, and art 

These questions are not exhaustive, but they are intended to provoke 
thought about the theme of veils as it bears on the dynamic 
relationship of art and theory. Where these fields converge, we open 
our inquiry.

We invite the submission of original papers appropriate to these 
themes from graduate students across disciplines. Complete papers 
should be formatted for blind review and submitted via email to 
philosophyartconference at notes.cc.sunysb.edu as a word document 
(.doc). Please include a 300 - 500 word abstract and a separate cover 
sheet with the author's name, paper title, institutional affiliation, 
mailing address, and email address. Papers should be suitable for a 
20-minute presentation (8-10 pages). We welcome the submission of 
work for exhibition or performance that relates to our theme in any 
media and about which the artists will be willing to present or 
engage in dialogue. Please submit your work digitally on a CD with no 
more than (5) jpg. images or (3) minutes of video, film, or sound. 
Include an explanation of how your work relates to our theme and a 
proposal for presentation, installation, and/or performance at the 

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Submissions must be received by January 15, 2008.

The conference will take place on Friday and Saturday March 28 and 29 
at Stony Brook Manhattan: 401 Park Ave South. For further information 
and updates, please consult www.philosophyartconference.org. Please 
contact philosophyartconference at notes.cc.sunysb.edu with any 

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