[D-G] Deleuze, electronic music and Deleuzian theory of body

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Hello Andrija,

concerning the use of freedom there is a classical song in electronic music
which handles the theme in an aestehetic, dramatic manner:
"The house of the rising sun", most popular in the version of Eric Bourdon:
"Oh mother, tell your children, not to do, what I have done .. .. "
Where the ruinous aspect of the (ab)use of freedom is emphasized.
There are a lot of famous musicans who destroyed their lifes by use of
drugs, also they were famous and had a lot of money.
It is like driving your "Merceds Benz" (Janis Joplin) against a wall.
For "You don't know what the body is able to" - Spinoza - without drugs.
Yogis know.
Concerning drugs like ecstasy, Deleuze nad Guattari
look at the "yellow liver" and "the dealer" and see and
empty body without organs produced by these drugs.
This is in thousand Plateaux: "How to make a Body without organs."
The they admire Henry Miller as he described to have drugged himself by
drinking a lot of water.
In my eyes and experience yoga breathing techniques done for a few hours are
much more
bound to give you feelings of your brain and body which let you forget all
about drugs.
Instead the offer of a cigarettte may look like something like an attack to
your  body and brain feeling.
Now, as a lot of Indian sects know a lot about religous trance I think they
will simply deny that
rave with ecstasy has something to do with it expect abuse of words.

Concerning music the reference is "About the ritournelle" in Thousand
and "Becoming Intensiv, becoming animal" also there.

If you seek literatur about Deleuze and Guattari: There is a little
bibliography in:
"Gilles Deleuze and the theater of philosophy" edited by Constantin V.
Boundas and Dorothea Olkowsk, Routledge, New York 1994.


Harald Wenk

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Dear Harald,

Sorry, but I can't help you in both respects.
As you may already have been advised by - in your eyes by too many - people,
such a thesis without personal experience is not very fruitful and personal
experince with such hard drugs are strongly not to advise in my eyes.

Experience of electronic music does not necessarily include consumation of
psychedelic drugs. Although some may take them at the psy-trance events,
this is their own choice and thus is not mine to question their decisions.
However, I find the aspect of psychedelic drugs as enhancers of aesthetic
experience a very interesting one, especially when considered together with
the dance and what Jose Gill has to say about it in his "Metamorphoses of
the Body" and James Landau in his essay "The flesh of raving: Merleau-Ponty
and the 'experience' if ecstasy" which can be found in "Rave Culture and

I was looking for recommendations on theory of electronic music through
Deleuze's terminology and, if available, theory of experience of such music
within the same conceptual field.

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