[D-G] Deleuze, electronic music and Deleuzian theory of body

Andrija Filipovic endymion23 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 13:36:20 PDT 2007

Dear Harald,

Sorry, but I can't help you in both respects.
As you may already have been advised by - in your eyes by too many - people,
such a thesis without personal experience is not very fruitful and personal
experince with such hard drugs are strongly not to advise in my eyes.

Experience of electronic music does not necessarily include consumation of
psychedelic drugs. Although some may take them at the psy-trance events,
this is their own choice and thus is not mine to question their decisions.
However, I find the aspect of psychedelic drugs as enhancers of aesthetic
experience a very interesting one, especially when considered together with
the dance and what Jose Gill has to say about it in his "Metamorphoses of
the Body" and James Landau in his essay "The flesh of raving: Merleau-Ponty
and the 'experience' if ecstasy" which can be found in "Rave Culture and

I was looking for recommendations on theory of electronic music through
Deleuze's terminology and, if available, theory of experience of such music
within the same conceptual field.


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