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Fri Jun 29 08:32:50 PDT 2007

I am still working on my speed knowlege project, audio content is
ready but the interface is not yet.  By the end of this season it
should be there.

"Choosing the worst" is not hard to do especially if the worst is
provided as a negative choice. This is partially about pov, like god's
pov as in Spinoza's example: "Dont... Eat... theFruit...", 1... 2...
3....  This is not about chonos, but about sets.  Once a set of 3
creates a machine, the factors also create oedipal sub-machines of
peels 1&2, or 1&3, or 2&3 etc since these neurons are so close and
create their own hydraulic crosstalk.  The set 2&3 are interesting
since they create a machine which says "Eat.. theFruit...", and from
god's pov this is precisely the inverse of his decree. But from adam's
pov this inverse is only virtual because set 1 (Don't) is really an
additive construct of "lack".  This is the lesson of forbidden
knowledge and how it is that "evil" is tied to it rather then "good".
Good is part of chonos that sits on a plane, but evil itself is a
plane w/o chonos yet.

Beyond all that there is more to consider, namely the human "need" to
experience new things, hearing new music, finding new categories,
meeting new lovers,etc. It does not stop until you are dead. Often the
negative posture one assumes regarding what is "old" comes from this
overriding momentum to find the new, and stay alive.  It makes the old
become a threat to life itself, for no good reason really, but of
course the outer cortex can invent any number of "reasonable" reasons
why this new thing is better then the old, b/c the higher functions
always lag behind and must make up excuses, even if there really is no
good reason to.  Part of this has to do with the social function of
"reason" and rhetoric for communicating/controlling social bodies.
When youre alone the excuses are rather pointless and dissolve away
because there is no longer any reason.

I am no real authority on human brains, my work is exclusively on
snails, mice, & poodles (as in tony blair).  I am very interested in
the separation of bodies that some poodles are trying to make happen
in palestine. It is very dramatic and horrible. I can see spinoza's
"combining bodies" model used for this in a negative way, like with
these negative virtual states that only an inbred poodle-god can

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