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Dear Dr. Cb,

The steps: Paranoid machuine, wonder machine, celibatary machine
as described in the anti-oedipe seem indeed a kind
of relewasing new neeurotransmitters and therby making new connections.
It is also not very clear to me, but it seems a process of
dissolving of "melting".
Also Deleuz speaks of "one machine,whic is against oneself".
Ther is some kind of enemy from within, who
can be very, very tricky.
Open paranoia is a simple to recognizecase,
but mistrust, fales interpretations,
dpresions, as you say are oft not
ony a quwestion of mood,
but a connection of this mood, when one
feerls very naked and without shelter and stressed,
with people or an interpretation of thebehaviour of people.
That possible  drives oneself more into isolation than necessary,
especiall if there is no possibility
 to correct
this misunderstanding.
I am not so puzzeled that ther are dpressevie moods,
that seems to me not so surprsing
ragrdingf chemistry and even
submolecular physics with union and dissolving.
But thistricky machines whic sometimes
leads to interpreations and beahviour
of doing harm to onerself, not in a physical manner with bloody wounds,
but in a socuial and psychological manner
in making the wrong choices.
"You always choose the worst interpretation" said Deleuze ain
a foreword of a book ao a studenz  of him.
That is something like that.

That is waht i Tried always to dewscriobe or explain with inhibitory
synaoses or neurotransmittetrs.
The "wonder" neurotransnmitters have to override thes
inhibitory ones, - waht you tr y to dewscribe as
a process "of negativity also by addition".
Things get worse if the process or the interpretaion is blocked or stopped
this negative stage.
I did not found the explaation in "chasmose"for that, but I will look for
"Cahsomose" is in some parts more detaoled concerning brain and synapse
the "psychic matter", the mood "the existential intensity".

But, as first orrder approxomation, my picture of
difficukty to
build in in productive manner the
unused or only dream used parts of the neocortexseem to be the direction to

The selfdenial gives much pain, hegel said, you can
patch a carpet, but not a self esteem.
That is really tragical an d harmful.
My solution with th lacjk of synapsis in  the neck,
whichgive way to new neurotransmitters and
devoids the depessive or negative machine of its powewr is in this respect
really important.

Also the point of isolation , in your last email,
if you take
a development fdor "yourself"
or a more "deterrioalized subjectivation"
is hard, for one has more to o
with this negative machine.

Greetings Harald Wenk

PS: I am informaend that the
research foumndation "pegasus" bought some learning software
from a company in Switzerland which remimnds me
to the things you are doing. Has it an influence on youe work?

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That is interesting to me also, that self-negativity is still
self-positiv even if negativly so. But depression really is a
pleasurable experience which is why it spirals down, it has momentum
to do this and the brain "wants" to experience depression. Mostly I
think this is part of the hydraulic nature of the brain, well
jello-ish nature. The linear peels of experience cascade upon our
psyche, which is made of little bits of protein combinations (an
assemblege of asterix & jacks + hexes et etc). I imagine something
close to subatomic particle physics, where the different combination
of parts rely on their number for what kind of circuit is created (re:
going from 2-to-3-etc). I do not say this to be mechanistic, no, but
maybe there can be seen a "negativ mechanism" vs a positiv vitalism,
which would suggest a way that "lack", that is negative experience,
can be made from a process of addition of parts, not subtraction of
parts. This is how the desiring-machine is distinguished from the BWO.
Even in particle physics the concept of anti-matter is very silly, yet
it is used as an explanation for how it is that the data does not add
up correctly, becoming a virtual negative value that works properly in
equations  but as such does not ever get experienced in reality, until
one has convinced themselves of such experiences by printing
color-coded maps and such things like that which are very real.

After Artaud I hope to read Guattari's Chaosmosis.

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