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Yahoo News: Italy Probe Unearths Huge Iraq Arms Deal
  Note that Badiou alludes to Sarkozy's 'interior ministry' :
  This was posted at (no later than) 9:00 AM, EST, Aug 11, 2007:
  Mapuche stregone-stregoneria:
  'Fei meu kom ni wen'uei fei peiyeu: "Machingepe me(u)ten; inchin kelluwain kom; pichi che tefa; kushe domo ngefule, fei meu 'kal.kuali' pingefui; feichi pichi che kimlai kal.ku de(u)ngu. Te(u)fa* mai eleyu wenumapu nge(u)nechen ni ku(e)me machingeal."'
  *German Teufel 'devil.'
  Beatriz Pichi Malen
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  Ni kallfv, rukamu choyvn ka ni tremvn wigkul mew mvley wallpaley wallemu, kvne sause, kamapu aliwen kvne pukem chi choz aliwen rvmin tripantvmu kune antv allwe kochv ulmo reke ka tuwaymenefi chilko ta pu pinza rvf chi kam am trokiwiyin, kvne rupa kvnu mekey!
  The Blue House where I was born is on a hill surrounded by hualles, a willow, chestnuts, walnuts, an acacia springlike in winter -- a sun with the sweetness of ulmo honey -- chilco flowers surrounded by hummingbirds so fleeting we wondered whether they were an illusion!
  (Eliciura Chihuailaf, Kallfv Pewma Mew [Blue Dream])
  Assemblage: Phaistos bee and bee-hive glyphs / Richard Pinhas' bee-sting synth passages (Cuneiform) / Miles Davis: 'Decoy' [MTV video] / Ernesto Holman: 'Namco' 
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  There are two items now lost to the ages, which from time to time invoke a bit of nostalgia: Badiou's note sent from Paris and Deleuze's note, seemingly written from a lying position in bed.

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