[D-G] desire - conatus - lacan - spinoza - deleuze

filip fildh at gmx.net
Mon Apr 30 17:16:46 PDT 2007

hello everybody,
i'm a student philosophy trying to get into the thinking of deleuze, 
which is quite hard.
but anyway here is my little question.

i'm trying to find out if i can find something like a lacanian "la 
chose" in spinoza and deleuze.
i mean: for lacan there can be something in our lives which become so 
important without actually knowing why, that we would do anything to
achieve it. Lacan speaks of this in his 7th seminair: the ethics of 

I wonder if spinoza has seen this? : could the conatus of a person 
express itself boundlessly such that the person itself becomes disolved ?

i know that spinoza nor deleuze are not subject philosophy's so that 
there cannot be really a subject, but i think that is less important for 
question. Can desire become so big that the subject dies ? something 
like an obsession or something. Within spinoza the conatus can never 
gets in
the way of the individual, well that's what i mostly read. i know that 
spinoza writes that we tend to desire repression in a social system.
but actually it isn't desire that is repressed, because desire itself 
has to be mediated ? is it not that desire is invested in the social 
system and thus
has to come to expression in this system ? or is there really a 
diminishing of the conatus ?

and why would we want a social system: is it because in this system we 
can expres ourself more ? is it like a small sacrifice to get much more
afterwards ? (if it is a sacrifice) and how do we know such thing in 
advance ? or do we just revolt if it ends up bad ?

anyway lot's of questions

thanks in advance

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