[D-G] Lacanian Ink 29 - Otherness -- The middle class and the suffering of the world

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Dear Mrs. Ayerza,

Also your mail looks more like  an advertisement, which
occurs sometimes in this list, I read your article on the website

This is a commented, problem oriented comment out of this reading.

Now things are very interesting.
In a way, it looks like you are pointing to something that we
in Germany like to call "Lebenslüge",  'Lie of life'.

On the  one hand of course Europe closed its borders in a way.
We got a lot of unemployment here, especially for unskilled work.
On the other hand the well educated middle class of Europe
has enough trouble to make  themselves happy, even on an economical level.

The impression that the amount of output of happiness, related to the given
input of efforts, is not overwhelming is also the
connection  to share the sufferings of the poor in the world in a
intellectual and emotional way,
that is not happiness giving.
Nietzsche wonders, that Kant, Plato and Spinoza are hostile to
emotional suffering with others - it doubles bad feelings, is the argument.

As you also write in your article, the being unhappy is also a part of the
life of
poor, like the fishers, which could normally think a little bit more

Now, the real complicated thing is, that the whole question of being happy
"on the bones of others",
which Nietzsche has claimed to accept is  the first step of intellectual,
that means also moralistic,  soberness,
is the wrong way to see it.
That is a little bit the ideological -- to speak in an everyday language --
Everyone is able to know, that the material wealth is
nowadays mostly due to technology and industry, machines.

So the real problem is, that to less technology and machines are used,
computers. For, rationalization cost opportunities to earn money, which is
the basis for
personal wealth. This is the tendency of the declining rate of profit
claimed in the third part of "The Kapital".
Western economy profits by selling its higher productivity and know how.
This gives the bad "terms of trade".

So the problem is, to let participate the rest of the world but to get
enough for it to stay material wealthy or increase it.
I am not aware of a solution of this problem on an monetary and market
theoretic level.
That is something for mathematicians and economists.
Nash, the same with the "victory of Euclidean space" (this sight of view by
D&G is rare among mathematicians)
 by it isometric embedding theorem for manifolds,
 with his famous game theoretic theorem  was also a mathematician.

So, if you are attempting politics, which deals with real suffering, not to
it is in my eyes wise, to think about such things.

With industry and technology  we have really cut the bondage of the natural,
id est uncultured, untechnological:
"You have to sweat, to get something to eat, to suffer.
If you are well, others are suffering for you."
This is hard to get out of head.
This is what I am attempting.
Otherwise moral itself becomes a problem,
for inner and outer reality do not fit.
And you have to decrease your moral or your wealth.
I mean concerning the question of desublimination.

Now, from a psychological point of view this is rationalization, but as in
mathematics, natural science, technology,
logic and elsewhere, use of ratio is bound to get true results.
So the idea of  this special "Lebenslüge" - the left middle class profiting
by the suffering she is blaming -- is erroneous.
Artists are also a members of the left middleclass, without being
Mathematicians of course to.

and, as we like to end up in mathematics. q.e.d.

Greetings Harald Wenk

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LACANIAN INK 29 - Otherness

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