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Guattari wrote a letter to Deleuze on the difference
he found between "Spinoza" and "Leibniz"
For Spinoza the substance was whole and undividable
whereas for Leibniz, (Guattari speaks of devilization through
mathematical operations)the modes left a part of
uncertainty, in that they could deterritorialize
which left a place for religion chimeras

i don't understand this from Guattari
but it is going in an atheistic track
which is relieving, comforting the soul

what i -felt- is anguish, fear of a God
which is always displaced to another
person in the awake of dreams raising to  nightmares
. the machine of gods produced an effect of 
expropriation from intensity of life on earth
to purgatory, cleansing that were harrassant and impossible
at this moment i feel earth is atacked by mounsters.

how yoga could help us
? i already have tried yoga
find the smells of incense attractive enough
i think what i need is physical contact
and trusting someone who could free me from old ties
from this inertia induced by a psychoholic affair, lovehoholic road to

its of course difficult to hope such a precious thing from internet
which are filled with transferring codes that i don't get
the same way as internauutics "friends", and where others cannot
provide me this feeling of physical touch (the orgonatic intensity was
strongly involved
in these non mystical universes or rather dreams i made)

my resolution so far is to analyse those dreams, in the strict sense i
want them to stop
i don't believe in the gods what they appear like chimera for
a nut of reason : the scenario, the whole escenario
of the universe i saw is of an affective order, not mystical
like spinoza, a quick injection of atheism is my advice in this case

i seek concettos invented by the Church and the Roman Empire to control
the reason space
as Spinoza and others thinkers decribed, to control this nut of reason

the hardest was to accept that the dubbing of self, this unconditional
was an (other) hallucination. but i need to see it that way, now

i must choose productivity over nonproductivity of the limbo stasis
in which i was centered by Lucifer

there is 
mystical hallucination
to me religion since yesterday is a collective psychosis
and this despite what Bruno Latour might have to say
to Isabelle Stengers, to the point it is likely the latters encouraging
the non-philosopher
to dream awake about Virgin Mary and the apparitions
if it works for them it is good but also impossible
for the joy of God to leaving the ground here

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