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alikum Salaam -- Bonjour - Hullo 
Re-- Whom liked Miranda Miranda by Woody Allen in 2005 
saw: At the start, there is a discussion that could help me well, and to
be an inspiration for my own 
writing for shooting a script. ..
The discussion engages two storytellers :they chatter ,around comedy and
(one presents comedy as a result of a tragedy of life; an other tragedy
as showing 
life is light enough to be comic )
thus, they discuss, 
and their discussion is unfolded in two image-cinema-stories which
echoes one the other
 as the story progresses My idea is to copycat this structure; but to
 put three storytellers
the aim is to avoid long monologues by talking heads in my present
(do you experience talking heads yourselff?

and to find a structure for cinema

instead of alienating use out of these discussion boards

how cinema can mutate and got their diffused in the world, meanwhil e
offer a space wherin the ideas 
they coexist, consist
they don't not criticize but offer dramatization and prolongation of
situations false or interesting development
imagination as steam, as steam powder ..??

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