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Sun May 28 10:28:21 PDT 2006

sorry about james who feels like going away
saw the weakest link yesterday on zzze french tv

i just felt to express a thing i now see as
my doc gives me anachardium as a unicist homeo
pathikal remedy for dedoublement de etc (dubbing of self)

i dont think my life has any thing to do 
with dg

maybe you can contradict this?

i like dg last writing on art and dialectic on pinhas site

god asked me to stop writing

there are several god wrathy in the space left for the divagant dude on

there is a tenesse williams based movie by i think mankievicz

where the last word is left to a nevrotic girl
saying god is wrathy for "people like us" (an homelie to Freoid.)

i am using the farmaco of neuroleptic
saw a movie brute art telling how difficult
it is for axepting to take these drugs which give you
side effects
but life had become impossible
last crisis took place when god wrathed in reason what i wrote here
saying the word "extegrated instead of integrated"
so to make a step in decision of farewell
to crisis and this god; this frightening god
under which i crumbled under culpability for being atheist
for, having read dg word like god is dead,
for having just read this, our god was wrathed
and sent me burroughs type of hallusination
lots of nightmarish bugs, spider
an ant capturing my body 
weirdo, dangerous i believe, thinks like those

but in the meantime besides writing foolishly here
i do some writing, a long lengthy script
i published or edited in lookout for publishing
magnifiscent drawings according to papa and mumu
i am totally under the sign of oedipe
i take care of cat (see how deleuze is far) he rubs

ok some news from away the shipwreck
i try to ressurect
i take the fuk pills
have psychotherapy where i share all what previously
was part of the psychosis secrets with my double
and rely on what stays philosophic ideas
that reconnect bit by bits while doing the script

what an adventure?

so this explains why i felt like destructure this false chimera
against which i am still fighting in hope of 
reducing the chemical treatment

bye bye tot siens
adlaline adadlalalinoux schizoux kissoux a tuti

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