[D-G] Zizek: The Reality of the Virtual

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Thu May 25 15:53:41 PDT 2006

i hope this is bettter then his other one ("zizik!" from last year,
why does he put out so many movies and books, is he a "popluar"
philosopher?)... I have read some of his writings before.... his
recent essays at lacan.com are very annoying to me, he pretends to
talk about "current events" like terrorism and unemployment and trendy
movies... kinda like a les uptight p.virilio....  and he comes off
sounding like a regular capitalist mouthpiece
(excusing the issues rather then picking them up and booting down the
staircase) ...except he's  a lot more well read then a regular
capitalist, and trys to confuse his readers w/ complicated
rhetoric....(like his quoting stalin, why?) its just my opinion, I'm
sure there is more to him, I just am unable to see what...

I do like his comments about the difficulty visualizing the
destruction of the capitalist machine.. ie. you can't visualize it,
can you? yet debord could pefectly well.
Also I dont understand his total dismissal of marx on account of
lacan, how is this leap of faith possible, is there an explaination
other then just pointing to lacan? He mentions this dismissal in
several of his books but I haven't seen him go more in depth then just
3-4 paragraphs and I find that to be way too terse for sweeping marx
away, marx wrote thousands of pages and most of it is very dense, I
gues thats a lot to read compared to 3-4 paragraphs for someone... oh
well! I wish I could understand this fellow.

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