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Thu May 25 23:10:27 PDT 2006

russell's continuous binary contribution to the epicurious ontological
dynasty really gave birth to
the language "proglem" vs. the continental phenomology strands that
stranngled proust on both sides, pulling him into the alienated
creative-vortex and then pushing him out and away only to publish him
post-hominously...  sounds familiar?

 both sides have their critics who stand on the sidelines drawing
corners, but proust certainly became his own through participation
with that particular form (ei.andriod 0.0-1.0), but I cannot recall
the name of proust's language.... so pheomonolgy eats up
logical-positivism like a bag of bananas (re: lacan vs. derrida vs.
washoe the "chimp"
...she lied about  missing food because she was embarassed about what
she had done.... )
but proust (if he did have a language issuse, do you know, i dont?) it
would certainly reflect t!he narrative of his contemporary

not just russell's question but proust's cruxis too (i dunno b/c i dint reed it)
back to the dual levels of reality body/mind.it appeared in many forms
in 20th thought. the metaphical tradition related the many strands of
westrn thought.
there were those wanting to create a distance to that tradition. most
leading phiclosphers wanted to get byond this metaphical dualism b/c
metaphiscal systems did not provide a reliable basis for truth.
that platonic world beyond the physical cannot be seen/precieved (or
communicated as per)
(remember this is a narrative about "loosing a dialog" , both choices
are exclusitory of a meta-language consciousness where interpersonal
communication is not equal to anxiety but to friendship love jesus
lizard god constellation nuero-pathway..... ie. NOT territorializing
connotative-language(vs. denotative) or taking addvantage of the code,
coding, as chomsky sees it, along the structure)
also the more convental arguement holds the disire not to clame that
these forms of human activity are given meaning by some transcentental
the world that we encounter with the senses
great phislofical search  ...clunk!.. oos..
this is a shared desire to get beyond the "meta" evolved into seperate forms

logical-positivism vs. phenomenological
wittgenstein vs. husserl
nash vs.satre
ultimately its the "parental conspiracy"
born with a silver enima up the ass

weinwright says:
language is a dialect with a name, that language distinctions are
often politcial distinctions...
the study involves judging cognates, similar roots, ja?
the ultimate need to create cut off points, where to draw the line?
is 70% more scientifuckly correct then 71.54% or 69%????
no, we might as well pray to venus and use virgil like the i-ching.

who says "floor" or "floo..."
sachs5th vs kleins
pronouncing "rrr" vs not pronouncing "rrr"
indicator of socio-economic status
invoking stereotypes

following capt. kirk, b.russel is the key bridge between this divide

"hello, I'm the bridge!"

using vigil like the i-ching
the surrealist posture along the chaos-line
cage crouching under the desk of 8-hour dead duchamp
he is playing dice again
like staring up into space
to see a mirror neurological projection
dots dot dashing ditz
scratching lotto tickets
what is random?
can it comprehend us?
when you are broke and buy lotto
you feel like the language of chaos
can understand us better then the language
of our lives. the gamble is relative to this choice.
there is the human need to communicate and comprehend connotation.
so in europe, the continental approach is hetero-lingual (sans connotation)
and the analytical is homo-lingual(sans connotation), notice that both
exclusively subscribe to the "denotative" aspect of language.

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