[D-G] observations

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Wed May 3 15:34:32 PDT 2006

I question where the antagonism from so many readers comes from, but I
dont expect an answer b/c you guys are so... silent.
and dispite all this complaining about "being negative" there is
indeed a lot of negativity coming from these complainers... but I do
not take it personally since everyone is allowed to be as ressentfual
as they wish.

well part of the problem you're having is that nobody else has
anything of to say- so then there is only me and m y questions (sorry,
but I dont see any systematizing going on.) There was hwenk who took
freud's advice and stopped talking, and then there is me, a dishwasher
from harlem.

For some reason you are able to comment upon us (the people talking)
w/o commenting upon the subject, so of course you will be
dissappointed. So far, the discussion has been relagated to logos
because there is no pathos or ethos (even to your credit, a dishwasher
from harlem can "territorialize" this D-G list better then a phd
candidate - that says something serious!) I would recommend joining
the discussion and stopping the bolognie before it gets made, insdtead
of standing by the sidelines waiting for something to happen. Thanks
for starting a new thread (I have been asking for this to happen since
March), I will extend the courtesy by not joining into "your"
discussion about this list, until at leastI have finished "N &

I am curious what will be going on in my absence.... we shall see if
"you" have what it takes to keep it going. See you later... :-)

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