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it is not given to me, to get something like a real
sense out of what you have written.

As a German proverb says:" The meaning of your speech remains dark to me.."

Would you please be so kind to explain a little bit more
complete what you mean,
for sake of understanding, and what  references
and  background, at best also intentional,
your associations have.

If you like to argue in favor for
someone in the middle east,
no one hinders you.
As things are very complicated there -
actually even cruel -
also by their historical development
and social and economical circumstances,
this could  be illuminating for the readers of the list.

If you want to tell more about other things,
the same adapted applies.

greetings Harald Wenk

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We here in Lebanon appreciate the effort that makes you tired. It is
the hydraulics of psychology like in a sentence that tries to
communicate it is sometimes "wrong-feeling" to repeat the same
preposition (re: this of that of this of that) but better feeling to
use each preposition only once (re: this of that in this about that)
.. perhaps the truth-meaning is the same but the hydraulics model
askes us to limit the forms so we are foced to divide on account of
wholeness. For some reason it is more agreeable this way.
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