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it is more than misunderstanding to
address a mail to Deleuze if he is dead.

Now, what I like to express is the common known fact the
in media you are a little passive, as you remark there
is less real feedback on your art of expressing.
That is also so in these list.
There are very often replies to
things or remarks and its over, no real reply<y to the reply.

What was the case with the satori and the tram is that kicks one a little
bit out of usual feeling and valuing things.
And what fore?
It is not good for satori and not good for the a little bit fine
tram talking.

So, it would be interesting what expression is that would
take up the fine, prismatic expression of that talk.
That is also a chance of self cultivation, regard the talks of oneself.

To media

It is not by chance that Nietzsche said that the most
fine expressions and communication is the dialog.
Her the knowledge of the other,
the feedback is there are still interest,
the mood, the insistence,
the feeling of what is really important for the other person and  has
the possibilities to make
their own dialog and relation milieu.
As Nietzsche says further,
language has do with common,
in sense of commonly shared,
what are the experiences presupposed to be present
present in everyone.
That's the reason why in philosophy the everyday examples are sometimes
really horrible oversimplified.
For you can be sure, making a more complex example it would be very
to hold the discussion at the point that you are pointing out.

That's also a reason I presuppose very little in my emails,
I don't know what is known and doubt that there are only specialists.
That in my eyes is also self reflected
that these emails maybe read by someone who does not know who Benjamin is,
or ketamin,
or a lot of other things.
So if I use such things I explain them mostly.

An event caused by myself is perhaps of more value than one
activated from media, especially mass media.

In ethics of Spinoza active and passive plays a crucial role.

greetings Harald Wenk

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-Dear Deleuze
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if you watch well:
on certain newspaper the newspaper goes there is a talkback.
people seem to answer to threads, which are Deleuze's
idea of events as mediatic, as opposed of "his events".
    which are not anymore essences.
 the interactive crowd has a strong tendency to be true to the mediatic
 event, and to forget the bevyness in me

i don't remember if Deleuze idea was to remain "digne" true to the
event, and if it's ie.apt to feed-back it.
but that's not the question to me.

the question is: how can I explain the immediate humane consensus in me
which greets adventure of events of mediatic nature if not
by going beyound by sting push the transparent film protecting
as if in a double bubble as you swarm the event in a mediatic
do you practices this kind of sport in your territory?. i don't explain
what can you/we/I share with an old schizo like me on the tissue
surrounding the
habits I have learned from inhabitants of the mediatic environment. with
what tools can we and do we treat the events?
here? so as to polish better, so it looks smooth. i say here.

deep regards to the listeners

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