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There is a prominent place, where Deleuze and Guattraia  refenre to yoga,
that is on the mentioning of
 the Body without organs.

As I told before, the main theme especially for Guattari is subjectivation,
which are
often and normally accompanied with a crisis,
this is also some crisis in the brain where new cennections are made, due to
new neurotransmitters.
These new neurotransmittters and the new self or machimne involging the  "I"
the result of that subjectivtion,
could be happy making  selfamplifing stable and harmonizing with the rest of
the brain,
which would be a rhizomlike growing of the brain, or they
could get inhibiting, prohibting, painful neurotransmittetrs,
which make the former rhizom smaller.
This is pointed to on pafge 22 of mille plateaux, "Rhizom".
where Deleuze and Guattari cite Freuds "little Hans" where his
rhizom is stolen, blocked, ending up in a phobia.

Now the way out, to get your rhizom in your head not turned into fear,
to be stable to happy, on a neurological level is:

"The Body without organs"
on the second or third third of page of it (mille plateaux p 187):
"Why not walk on the head, sing with the sinus, see with the skin,
breath with the belly,  simple thing, anorexie, seeing skin,
f u l l  b o d y!!!, travel on place,
Y O  g A!!, Krishna , Love, experiment."

So there we are.

The yogis are the only one who know
how to control
even the autonomous nervous sytem.
They know that the only possibility to get in real contact with others is to
have reduced the inner trouble so much that you are able to
hear the other.

This is my eyes  is telling you something real important.

Therer is no real use in talking of freedom, even ewith tehories which are
feedom like,
with underground fears and cinflicts hidden in the brain.

I read a little Lyotard of the time the Anti-Odedpe was discussed ((about
It is real astonishing what both Deleuze and Guattari had to bear
on bad and also hurting critics, even from the left.
As far as I remeber in the secocond edition,
aklso in thegerman transaltion there is a remarkabit.
There were even accused of being "fascistic".
That was real too much.
The answer was alos ith yoga.
As long as we lnow about fscism in us it maybe not so evil.
And wher is their fascism: "Did you do you yog aercercises today."
Real fascistic - that s high selfirony.
The accuser of fascism to them are ooften very less concious about their
fascistic structures.

A little bit it is the sam e with reading Deleuze and Guattari.
They worked a lot, but mostly it seems some people think it has nothing to
do with then m and we make some jokes and talk about other things.
Thta is using high theory to very low needs.
Like taking a computer only  to hold a door open, where a stone had been

So you have to make something like the hardware of real

And for a subjectivation, which especially Guattari sometimes liked to bound
to group proceses,
where a rhizom or a little machine happend liberating the peope by a
group more than the people alone by connecting
the selfamplifying sides of the inner machines or souls including the
autonmous system
and the unconcioussnes, caused by hormos, and neurotransmitters.

The yogis are alo well aware of these processes and search
the inner process from where you you can build up your rhizom further
by overcoming the resistance of the painfulll inhibiting neurotransmitters,
due to keep the fuction divison, also called present state of the organism.
On a psychic level this has also something to do with overcoming
interpretations of the outer and inner world strongly determined by
fears or the past in general.
But as affects need affects to be overcome you need some building up
to win against the painful ones.
Or do you think they are no painful neurotransmitters nad this no real
The bad concious is also causing pain - by neurotransmitters.

To yogis go so far as there is no need to suppress
the getting concious of the effects of the hormpomns and neurotransmitters
coming from the autonomous system, which  is hard work,
and only successfulll through long and efforting practice.
But it is possible by known and also
managable exercises - e.g. kundalini yoga.

Thisis the reason I resist so much on it.

People driven by unconcious fears
will have a lot of difficulties to build up social relationships
which are to to grow altogether and not to let grow
the struggle with one another and within.

Therfore it is good in yoga to make you exercices alone,
even the experience of your voice by chanting something like "Om"
the you can feel what a chest a heart is like-.
Also singing is not bound to yoga, you can dispense
singing "om" without any harm.

Afte yoga,  with more inner strength, clearness and solidtiy you can go and
some fun
or further development or doing or thinking something useful without to much
with others.
And get a real master of yourself - which is much more difficult as it is
thought to be.
Yoga requisits very much honesty.

Concerning sleep is to say,
that there are a lot of causes,
noises of course by pollution,
inner and outer stress,

Drugs as alcohol or so do not help really in too much dosis, the sleep gets
even more flat.
The sleeping medicin advices some disciplin in sleeping,
solving the trouble, not to much informations
including tv before sleeping,
enough, relaxation from yoga,
not to sleep to long at the weekend after sleeping to less in the week.

The Dalai Lamai rightly says: "If the people only could deep relax, or even
know somehow wherefrom
whatever what real deep realxation is.
The world would be of much more understanding.
 Maybe even the seller of and the producers of the the products
you consum want to live on an economical stable level - how surprising. "
Deep relaxation indeed makes more stable, healthy and is against fears.

I like to add that especially Guattari found anticonsum campaigns a littl
bit ridicilous and without
any feeling for the desires of real living people.

 I looked in one of my medicin books: ketamin is
a narcoticum used for chirugian operations,
something like a hard chemical  cudgel,
 they write the awakening after some dosis is horrible.
So it is no good advice to take it without any need.

Yogis prefer to do without such things.

greetings Dr. Harald Wenk

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Thanks for the information, I will have to revisit the despot chapters
of A-O and see what you are actually talking about, but if I recall
correctly, most of those chap. are referring to the nature of "surplus
value" and how the despot manages to milk it beyond mere physical
territory... thus the "reterritorialing-agent" was born as a despot
and so now the despotic attack is realized upon the plane of
metaphysics, where the individual can be manipulated by the
surplus-value of their knowledge and ignorance.

"damn" those darn oriental despots!!!  Gosh, if only someone could
have recommended a good yoga instructor to saddam, maybe we wouldn't
be in this horrible nightmare of history!! Of course I am just joking,
but personally I am having trouble seeing why you must put yoga into
the center of this discussion. I notice that no matter what the
discussion is, you like to talk about yoga instead... is this really
the place to talk about yoga? I am not clear how you keep linking yoga
to D-G, I would like to be more clear.

My point (re:"contratual remark") is that yoga does NOT faciltate the
the NECESSARY connectiveness of rhyzoma activity, but instead yoga is
part of the megamachine-agenda and its designs on the BwO. (but
sometimes the coding is good.)People spend half their life sleeping,
breathing and resting and dreaming.. all quietly natural w/o this
yoga-agenda. these alfa-beta-theta states are all the aspirations of a
yoga lesson yet why the lesson if the body will do this on its own? I
am not against yoga, it is nice and good for folks and i have no
question about that...

One way to answer my question involves understanding why "natural
sleep-state" is so difficult for millions of people, especially today
2006. There are as many pharma-drugs as there are yoga-schools that
can help a person reach these states. The tibetian dali lama (who
claims to be a devil from the 114th dimension of hell) has even gone
so far as to say that "whatever means"(re:drugs vs yoga) it takes to
reach these states is acceptable to him and his agenda, so you can see
that the dali lama makes little distinction between yoga and pharm
drugs. But that is devil from the 114th dimension of hell speaking.
>From experience I know that Ketamin is an extremely intense drug to
take that will help an animal-patient resolve their mind/body issues,
and I believe it is 10x faster and deeper then any yoga experience. To
see this distinction yyou really have to try both sides (multiple
sides) before you can make this "fair judgement" that you want to

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