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Hello Mr. .+oot3AM patient [dr.crawboney at gmail.com]

the soviet union does not exist any more scince
about 15 years.
 So the anticommunist impetus of western politics may be not so strong
scince that.
On the other side, "despot" is a crucical term of Deleuze and Guattari,
"oriental despotie" going back by the work of Wittfogel,
which they valued high.

On a first look is to invest a lot of the oil based richness, which is
owned by the state and there Mr. Saddam had the had the controll of its
distribution with
the group which holding him as a leader of the state,
to such in extent in wars and military equipment - the first war  against
fresh revultionized Iran about 8 years - is an
abuse of the lifes of people.

Internal any oppsition was suppressed, no other party or group had a chance
to reign
or public a real indepent opinion.
His successor was about to be looked out in his family.
The first point of almost total control of the wealth and mneay streams
makes him more
in definition like an oriental despot.
Wittfogel had come about to emphasize the weakness of private
property as a basis of state independent power, the contol of the wealth of
a nation and the control
by the of the very far going power of the state by a selfrecruting governing

with real public control, worst with a despot at the top,
 as characteristics of the oreintal despotie, variatin in alot of forms,
especially after
the end of colonolaoism. Irak had been a colonie of Great Britain and more
or less often of the osmanian (turkish) empire.

Indeed the attempts to install something like a state in Irak was very
difficult, first there
was a strong urge of indepencee the different clans, also due to the
long osamnaian  empire dpendence, which often was
behind the offical gouverment of the Iraqe.
This was not much better under the Great Britain rule.
The former cited iraqien sociologist Al-Wardi  rooted it also back to the
nomadic desert tradition and the
resistance against urabanization of the nomadic desert part of the soul of
the iraqies.

The micro despots are
something like hirarchic and commanding structures
even in informal or private relations which
are more known through personal experiences to most people as they like.

These social depences are made in mictro situtionms and micro subjetivations
which are  produced by inner struggle or expoloting it.

What is the background of contractual remark about the social isolating
effects of yoga.
Or how may years of isolitaion caused  yoga did you spent and how many
of the millions of yoga practionars did you ask?

I don't like open lies.

greetings Dr. Harald Wenk

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I thnk I understand what you are saying. when I translate this into
woof-woof so that my k9 pals can participate here. ("woof-woof
grrrr..." etc... )

So i am not so clear on this term "classical oriental despot" perhaps
it is an archetype that my brain pathways have not been exposed to
enough. Here in the Baltic Sea the only despots I can think of are
one-eyed-pirates who perfer a floral motif to the paisley.
Nonetheless, where nassar and saddam support a unity of arab nations
in the 1960s, such a unity poses a risk to the capitalist european/usa
banks who feared a communist alliance. When the west perpetuates
turmoil in th emiddle east (funding to isreal, saddam, binladen
etc...) they are promoting the disappearance of that very critical
communist possibility - as does the Soviet Union (dont let the name
fool you). It is interesting that for this western sovereignty the
"classical oriental despot" can be nomologically correlated with the
"communist movement." In the 60's the cia would pay money to
people/agents who were willing to spread this kind of counter
intelligence, but nowadays there are intellectuals who do it for free,
as if their very identity hinges upon the mis-information (and
unfortunately it certainly does re: habermas & communication). I
cannot judge hwenk's knowlege of history but in just a few sentences
he has glazed over some rugged terrain and this leads to a simplified
re-wording of the language - we must have it clear so we can talk more
What is important to see next is exactly that which hwenk has brought
up... that is that the oedipalizing of things like "mundane taste"
with this vague "despot" of a humonculous. My bonobo parrots fail to
see the implications and I must squeek a bit more then I would like,
just to illustrate your point. (kreeee!! squak-squak...)

I think to elaborate upon what hwenk spilled out in a previous post...
that megamachine which is described inside the mind (like humonculous)
is not so much "in the mind" as it is "out of the mind." When Guttari
compliments Lenin and his ability to turn young intellectuals into
bolsheviks with a marxist cause, then you can begin to see the
potential for the D-G cure to exist also outside the mind - where the
effective cure relies on the doctors ability to help the patient
understand how the megamachine is external to the body yet effects the
body in a harmful way by preventing it from "communing" with other
bodies - that freudian psychology is capitalist indocrination. There
is that supreme goal of rhyzomatic life, happy communion. Reaching
that goal means finding communication and all the different
ontological languages we have are used to effectivly divide and
seperate our naturally rhyzomatic bodies which love to have
interpersonal relationships. That is why the megamachine
reterrioralizes, to seperate that which is growing together.

When we sit and judge and organize along the good/bad axis (or equally
ridiculous pleasure/pain) we begin to reterritorialze our own mind via
what the megamachine has trained us to perform these tasks. Yoga
should train us to forget the megamachine and find our body again. It
is easy to do and so we do it, but what yoga cannot help us with is
finding our comrads who are all around us legs folded, eyes shut and
quietly meditating on the om. What else could humans benefit from by
becoming more insect-like?
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