[D-G] this has all be one big tease!!

.+oot3AM patient dr.crawboney at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 20:37:55 PDT 2006

after my return from Stralsund, Germany last Saturday I must say how
disapointed I am with thhe Bush Aministration and their refusal to
meet with my canine constituents. The Bush visit toStralsund cost a
scandalous 23m euros....Had I know that every mailbox would be
soddered shut I would not have have told the doves to sleep there. IF
I were his travelagent I would hastily recommend ALcatraz Island.
thank yyour
I want to share my favorite Peter Chung's visualizations of the
megamachine (aka subconscious) in the popular  mtv show Aeon Flux that
can be seen here...
... certainly recognizes thhe espionage counter intelligence involved
in coding that machine. Many of my dolphin friends wonder how humans
survive w/o said echo complex. and I explain to them that of course we
do. leaving the womb and entering thhe world of ra, air that consumes
and co-evoloves, it just something the dolphins could never
A careful study of a rhyzoma sample reveals the simple fact that is it
ENTIRELY dependent upon its relationship with other BwO, often forming
a species-identity that operate as a  whole. So that self which hwenk
acurately describes as a topological ying-yang is also dimentionally
complicated by that self's communal relationship, as "becoming animal"
some packs becoming hives or gangs becoming schools. So to get a term
familiar with new york gangland history  - "Zaffer" - the vicious
conspiracy that circles the pyrotechinic real estate agents and the
city fire dept. It was a dark period for the cities pet stores and we
lost thousands to shear lack of humanity. We wasted our time working
piecemeal, Thank god for the elephants!!!

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