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Dearest one on this Plateform, 
What an opportunity to rebind and trust this list when seeing your name
in here marching as a Giant on the List. 
It's so puzzling to see your appearance here again Verlaine Le Fou. Mona
is only living in the fiction, but none the less real.
This is why i wanted to make cinema, not poetry. I told you . Today i
tell you: To study dialogue with the actress (to let her play Mona's
I always was the destinite Director for her role when while 
while Mona was to remain fiction, told me Moneta/Rachel the actress ,
and holds the Life of her true personna,
her oneness, or her essence like can saythe Metaphysicians around her.
Pretzel and Harald. They saw as did all She has been integrated in a
human body.

Yet mortal, and in your blog I have watch, felt, experienced her escape
from death, after she was killed by the Pope Benedict
like so many people who know the language of the dead. Now she has
become more than a part of Your fictions.
What redemptive power reach from those words on parole The luxury
deserted place helps me to remember Her, and only Her Will shines like
she jumps upon
me laughing now, distant across the small passage. I am her Guardian.
known in an other place as The Lord of the Pain.

This is why I will ask you in the thousand years to come, if I can, no i
prefer not say it to you, and wait thousand years more before asking it
to you. Bye. Nice to see you. I hope your book is finished and now you
can relax and invite me in your guarden/castle of Peace Love and

All your words are on Pa[t]roles dear Magnificient Spiritual Poetic
Leader/Brain. Like always we said here to anyone who had a ear for your
We rever you and do contritions for not hearing you in the past if we
did not. It is possible to say this also that The Emptyness which binds 
has fallen in Love with all of us in the Shekin'ah's world. 
my respect, faithfully
Adline V.
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