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I am not going in the right direction in time. There is a veto against
my will.
Some people thought to advise me of the presence of G-D in the present.
My neural activity is troubled. I do not know
how to jump like Kirkegaard used to admonish me to do.
I am not writing from the present.
Have been excluded in time from living among you.
I am in the area of time wherin Kirkegaard can talk with Virgil and

Is this the case when I am addressing my self to you, that you too
by coincidence, is a thing which belongs to the XIX century?
The present century is a unknown. What is happening? I am not sure.

At least what can be verified is that other people live the other side
of the terminal.
But to what end? What are we set to activate in our virtual chat room?
Palabres. Descondito, soy un hermano dela grandaleza via appia. Sint
Peters Avenue.

53 Sint Peters. Sint Joan Columbus 53. I am practicing yogic trepanation
with a pulsation of Plank square.
This is not soft but square. I am a great artist, Verlaine is at the
rendez vous, as usual. He is over excited to touch the melon.
That's why he got so nausea, astringent melon. Vital teeth anchored to
the present. I cryed last week end. It was sunday. Any other ordinary

Kiss to the other. I was Vendredi, so you say you understand me
Clifford? Tournier's version of the story. Revelating the name like
fluorescent tape sealing the lips of the next§ Palabres. Kissoux
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