[D-G] Hello everyone!

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  Hello everyone

  Perhaps somehow out of the context;  I am looking for some information 
regarding Fairy Tale(s) made by Deleuze and Guattari, or other authors which 
are  somehow related  in a way.
  If someone knows something material published, I would be grateful for the 

  All the Best!


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  > all im trying to say is that the internet provides a fine place for
  > the list and I just wanted to support Rita's (hello!) efforts in
  > making ths internet list a more "published" work! the cab-driver would
  > b e a fantastic editor cuz the cabbie has such a funny personality, i
  > like it a lot! (please take me whereever you want to go mister
  > taxi-driver!) but if you cant decide perhaps the internet is a good
  > place to allow multiple stories to intersect, I like wikipedia b/c the
  > connectyion link like a narrative building list (personally I think
  > EVERYTHING on the internet is a linear list, even a google search is
  > not non-linear, it comes to you as a list, it is all linear really
  > even the URL, I imagine this deleuze list growing like strings,
  > perhaps Linkletter's entry from 1998 could be appended by SpikeLeeJr
  > in 2007, but I guess you'd want to link those strings together in some
  > readable way, or perhaps it would be nice to tangle them inside the
  > cab-driver's belly like spagetti?)
  > its good to celebrate with beer, the sumerian new years (of 36
  > centuries ago) is a historic event in the history of civilization.
  > After "the flood", when the governing family structure (oedipal or
  > otherwise, just read deleuze on the "barbarian societies") got
  > replaced by the "state" structure, thanks to that jerk nimrod and his
  > crony priests who also began to codify the biblical canon as well as
  > create a structureal economic latice (which began our modern
  > geopolitics) aaannnnddd.......... and what is also quite neat is that
  > at the same time (er, within a couple centuries) the written "picto"
  > language began to deal with homonyms and synomynms as "literal"
  > graphic representations and such things that the schizophrenic psyche
  > feed off..... all of theses things go hand-in-hand, growing up to
  > today! especially money!
  > those darn deluvian priests and their deluded poetics of astronomy
  > (not science, poetics!) with their depressed paranoid psychology who
  > looked away up into the stars and could find the same constellations
  > that existed in their neulogical pathways, like a mirror of the mind,
  > and what they saw was a spiralling spiral spiral of destuction. There
  > is something incredible about the fact that the narative is not built
  > from things that exist in the world, but merely the geometrics of
  > stars and planets, somehow this makes more of a correspondense with
  > the neuoloical constellations of our imagination.
  > but they only saw a spiralling dragon who will eat up all the flock in
  > some kind of paranooid apocolysce - by gosh did they have some
  > personal problems that needed to be worked out! at least the earth's
  > axis has changed significantly since 3600 bc(!) so now that dragon is
  > no longer spiraling around the "absolute north" point, just off to the
  > side a little, and I gues thatts good for now.
  > As for spelling, I hate spelling, leave the way it is, its organic at
  > least, if people want to express themselps in a particular way they
  > then they ought to make the effort to tighty up themselves (ie
  > submissions work fine for most normal publications, but it seems like
  > we all want to avoid that submission process, I feel that way anyway
  > thank you)
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