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it has to do with the "witchcraft of purposefull action" - praxis must
be rooted in a seemingly sensible version of the absolute. There are
allways crazy paranoid types who can magically make the world fall
into place and make sense, they find special roadways so they they can
drive their crazy mental-hummers. today, somewhere in england they can
buy actual "dirt" to make their hummers look really road-worn. the
mental hummer makes them come. somebody else has built the roads, that
is why they are able to enjoy the ride. that enjoyment (saratonin
specifically) is ALL THAT MATTERS to their hungry reptilian brain.

when a person chooses to play soccor, they choose not to use their
feet, why? this is so disadvantaged, why not play with your hands too?
why should so-called "3rd-world catagory" counties enjoy playing in
this disadvanged manner with the rest of the world, is it as enjoyable
as basketball or cricket?
What can be said about the player who has injured his feet and cannot
play soccor ever again for the rest of his life? Must he go insane or
will he decide to play with his hands instead? There are rules, logos,
and roadways to follow, some of these roadways are enjoyable. Look at
David Icke, icky like a snake, a snake w/o feet who cannot play soccor
again, poor snake. David has written over 54 books, some of them are
completely crazy, some tell "true stories" about sumerian reptilian
priests who submit to the monster in the sky, drago, the constellation
of the mind. David writes books and makes movies about george bush and
his reptilian friends who rule the world via their home planet in far
away galaxy of drago, this roadway is enjoyable, ha-ha.

And it really is a constellation of thhe mind, specificaly the
amygdala, feeding off of fear like a crocodille (dont get me wrong
ms.croc has other brains too) As the brain developes, layer by layer
like an onion, the inner region is considered the
"lower-brain-functions", in 1970 Paul MacLean dubbed it the "Reptilian
Complex" (sure, but not fair to ms.croc who loves her babies too)
(when we develop from the womb we pass through the entire evolutionary
phase of all the other animals, just like the hopi said!)
Anyway, this lower-brain works together with the other
semi-higher-brain-functions (limbic system), which Paul has also
dubbed "Mammilian Brain" and finally the outer cortex, neo-cortex is
the most evolutionarily advanced and smartiest "Primate Brain", sure
ok Paul likes his christian animal catagories, but the poetics of the
metaphor actually go somewhere...
I want to focus on just the Reptilian complex (I am only telling you
these strange facts because I hope you are as drunk as me and as drunk
as the person who told them to me, you must drink tonite!) The
reptilian brain, that constellation, does not exist, like i said, it
is imaginary, not based on real things from the world, but stars and
planets (do you know what those are? I dont) So if the icky priest
from ancient sumeria begins telling us about the reptilian monster
that will consume our flock we will have fear, our amygdala works
perfectly fine, it always did even 10,000 years ago, even for Ms.Croc,
it is the same amygdala. But the amygdala is part of a constellation,
the whole Limbic System which is now eating the flock. Now that is
strange! Should i continue....?
Why is one part of our brain eating another part? "Is it true", or "is
it merely what they say?" Well, isn't it just a crazy story, a meme, a
mental complex that a good jungian might see? (I think most junians
are "stuck on the toll-roads with dirty hummers", poor suckers!) What
is the point of tds complex? Why have it? Well, now here it is
connected to the money-market-complex which co-evolved with the
language-complex AND.... and also the state-complex.... just like the
stars, all constellations which show us imaginary things. many of
these things are ABSOLUTELY enjoyable, er um, specifically b/c of
saratonin. So smoke up and get your saratonin from someplace other
than ancient sumerian hang-up. And fuck "joy riding", the mere
pleasure of controlling a machine overides all sanity.

here is a brief (and sane) article that shows you that Advertising
Companies use branding to target the "reptilian-mind" - personally I
think its SICK (especially the bit at the end, but some people... (or
are they actually reptiles themselves, heh-heh) ...think its just
dandy to make a buck this way:


"[T]he human brain has three parts: the reptilian brain, the limbic
brain and the cortex brain, in descending marketing importance and
effectiveness [...] Reptilian "hot buttons" are very powerful. If you
are competing against a company communicating at the reptilian level,
you don't have a chance if all your communications are focused on the
cortex brain."-pettis

if you study anthropology this might ring a bell, remember the lesson
about how "more advanced" cultures generally REPLACE "more primitive"
cultures well, for me at least, this also explains a bit about CIA
discoteque-style war techniques)

my other fav quote:
"As humans, all our perceptions enter our brain through our senses.
The first place these perceptions go is to the amygdala, near the
center of the brain. The amygdala's job is to assess every sense and
perception for its emotional relevance to "me" and then pass the
"verdict" to the cortex brain. The cortex brain then comes up with an
"intellectual alibi" to justify the unconscious decision made in the
amygdala and other unconscious parts of the brain." -pettis


about the submission process and Rita's endevours... might I suggest
the "nomination" process for choosing articles?

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