[D-G] Hello everyone!

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 06:21:39 PST 2006

Anthony Riddle was just on Amy Goodman's show last night, Riddle is
the guy who is trying to keep public television  access alive within
US communities. there is a big fight against loosing cable access
right now, all across the US, the cable companies have found some
(massive) loop holes in thhe law... read more about it:
since my attempt to stir a discussion did not get off on the right
foot I suppose I am guilty of inconsistancy, whoa is me. After having
spending several months seeing how Goodman's office (courtesy of
brother ratner) is run, and how the ratner's use her international
politics angle to distract from local politics, ie the family's NYC
real estate empire... it get me frustrated. Goodman's show is usually
broadcast on cable access, so there is a definite interest here in the
local polical angle.... hence the exception on this issue. Goodman's
refusal to wear make-up is also very frustrating since I want to see
her succeed.

Also, I seem to have my facts mixtup (again), so it wasn't pansonic
who put macs software on their music release, I think it was autechre,
anybody else listen to this music who might know better?

I have been reading some of haraway's website and I am thinking about
what she is saying, I don't know what to think yet, seems to me to be
part of the "brave new world" conspiracy, but I will withold from
dropping more turds.

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