[D-G] Archive: who destroyed the Spoon Collective?

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 17 18:25:58 PST 2006

First there was high standard : it was proposed to make the posts publishable.
  Then arrived the Fictions of Clifford Duffy
  and Fili Houtman was fascinated by Clifford Writing
  and flooded the list with her fascination. This was not
  then publishing anymore.
  Fili Houtman destroyed the spirit of the list. Not willingly
  as an idiot, a failed poet, or somebody
  with no idea of what to publish and what standards of writing means. What is writing
  she did not know. It's not to blame her, I am sorry to tell her like this. But it's necessary to
  avoid her posts in the publication of the
  Spoon Collective Deleuze and Guattari List. BOOK.
  WHY? Because Psicopr told us: we have to use this publication possibility as a vital chord that binds us to write again in a better way. We ask everybody to write hencesoforth in line with Litterature, and Standards of high skilled Polish in her Thoughts.
  Fili we will not publish your writings.

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