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Death is the end of the BWO.

I think we should posit a subcategory with issues of BwO answering
death. Death as the crossing between one dead BwO.
Death to answer Deleuze saying : "You have to know your intensities". 
Death To BwO functions
as a fatale object, a fascination. Cfr Moby Dick and Ahab's run. The
zone wherin Ahab is attracted
is a Death Zone, by proximity to Moby Dick. But I don't seem to
understand what Moby Dick is symbolizing. The sailors are destroyed, the
ship is destroyed by it.
Where lay Melville child becoming? Is it not interesting that Kids read
Moby Dick at the age of going to school?
It's one of the first book taught in the US. School is linked to death,
also, because school is Prison (cfr Foucault). There must be a crime,
and even if it is virtual, before you enter school. Moby Dick at least
provides the trick to understand what is your crime. Moby Dick is
essentially dealing with criminality anyhow.

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