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the publishing of text that we send here-the publishing of text that we
send here-the publishing of text that we send here-

Dear Harald

The book is done. Harald Wenk Post. But if you have another suggestion,
make it. We sought to publish at the same time we thought about how to
build the book. 

So we are thinking about deadlines? About what you say. If you want to
follow close this pleaseHarald:
are reliablecollect the emails, around Chapters, and Themes of
But then we wanted to publish a bulk. Then we finally decided to publish
parts of mails
organized by random appearences  to do so. Like the list does, you dig?
will not be stated to be a  and honourable in Demeanours of France or
Germany or wherever to do something
when you say, you going to the publishing house usually in due time you
feel you have the book.
York, next to have gather this sorted by dates or authors) So you don't
have to worry, what you have written is perfect. If you think it is bulk
in our mailboxes. Correct, but bulk in book = bulk in life, so what's
material, what's spiritual, hey? thought about that? 

But to tell the truth and stay clear:

We thought at first to in our browsers(not to say it, and hide the fact.
If you disagree, complain here we will talk about the matter to the
publishers. First lest discust the Issue. I know that internet typo is
far better than book typo. The Police we use in the book is Time New
Roman. Size is 9, so it's already a treason of the List. But the List
itself is a treason of my mind. Every mail I type does a act of
repellant systems, and sours our images that are caught by the
publisher. Its full of BWO that sent to DG LIst at the time of Spoon,
and now, Treason? You say? Com'on. It's my mind which tricked by another
mind. Which Who? Futile Questions. Never Mind, send. We publish<., typo,
more correct? AArgh! You see it not in the bulk, but it's correct, what
also I say. 
You understand maybe, and in general the discussion is now close, but we
can re-open it fast. But hurry please, in case we get lost in the maze
in the François, in the Jean Charles. You get the drink, I pour OK? It
it's since the start like this, so NOW I have said, Bye Bye mediocricy,
and if you feel dishonours, mispelled, placarded on the walls of the
city, you will breathe away. You will drink the juice of internet..



PS I am breathing, I am on my own ... left totally puzzled about this
erratum, I am false you say about characterization, but Remember: in
past emails Clifford and Joan did a good work, so did you.
We are honoured by our priviledge to send the book to press, and not by
our word EVER we will, contact me soon asap, and by such publishing
words, when we say contact me, asap, I have made a sign to you long ago.
I do the same now. But you seem to ignore it. I am Sorry . If we had
four ears you would still have two. It was time to ripe to become mature
Harald. To do so. But then, not now, it's too late now.


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