[D-G] the right to publish archives. (my familly is Clifford's familly)

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Wed Jan 11 05:23:55 PST 2006

Hello Adline,

looking at your emails, it is hard to believe  that
your selfcharacterisation is true in all aspects.

In Germany it is custom if one proposes and announce to make a book
then to make a book and to survey it.
I think, this is so in Grenoble too.

So please let me know if there is any progress in this issue.


Dr. Harald Wenk

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Hello Harald.
My Familly is extended. I am 9 years old. My Mother is Marleen. My
Father is Clifford Duffy
My Aunt is Janine Mackintosh. As Clifford's Father is Genet, I
understand my GrandFather is Jean Genet.
And Henry Miller is my GrandUncle, as Clifford has loads of familly
We have all published on DG List. I am Bobo is my cousin. Nathe Goralnik
my nephew, the son of Maldoror.
We all agree to publish our essay. It's the right time to do it. There
is a shortage in the Archive.
Joan with whom you have discussed is my stepbrother. I am trying to date
with Sylvie Ruelle.
I am BI Sexual, I think we should quit politics. Laguiller is part of
the LCR the Radical Communists, and they donot want to line up with
the PS for the 2007 Election. But I wanted to be elected as Prime
Minister. I am ready for it, i am perspicacious, attractive, very
intelligent, and I like Mothes. So I could aswell be President in
Palestine. I am attractive for the Islamic Ji'ad aswell for the
religious leaders of Israeli's Far Rightist, I believe in Unisons of
everybody on Earth, as you certainly are sure.

I am attracted by my Father, Clifford, and by my Aunt Filya Houtman. We
are Dionysiacs Hedonists of of remote school.
Nietzsche I am not sure. Is he my GrandGrandFather, or my Semi Brother ?
I am wondering if you are part of my familly in the book I am publishing
with VerlaineLeFou!
It will be nice if you have the typo to send it to Verlaine becauze he
is doing the typio corrections. I am in love with my Father but he does
relinquish me, and he wish me fates and curses. Sobs

Anyway thanks 4 yr inteerventyon

  adline vanlindenbergh
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