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i read the article by chomsky
  this is my comments i havn't read the comments 
  on the page
  i was not in touch with this notion of freemarket being part of
  the US State. if it's true they have more power here. or rather you know all these claims that you hear about the problems that "freemarket" can cause, why some voted NO in France to EUROPE UE because of the blablah law that was going to
  turn Europe into a free-market. so its interesting to see much talk about the 
  free-market and knowing as it seems Europe being like a dove in the hands of the Big Brother that what would say an economist of altermondiale that US Congress holds power on US Bank, whereas European Bank is independent from Europe's States and Parliament. second point is the oil, how oil seems to play such an importance in the control. this notion of controlling people. when there was a rise in cost for oil, it was important by Media Coverage in France to tell how it was forbidden to use alcohol or such combustion in the car's engine. It's people modes of life need to be controlled, at the end by the US State. At least all along this continent. and they like it. I know people who enjoy this. Especially the Anglo Saxons can identify with the US, and the elites of France enjoy the YES to Europe to that respect that American Subjectivity to quote Guattari, well have seized their souls. It's intriguing. It a division. These are my lines of thoughts that EU is really like a kind of
 starnge zone. At least if you live in NYC you have the opportunity to enjoy the american democracy, with whatever problems you made shown with the Metro or so syndicates, but at least you see, what you live. Here what we have is to live the life that is asked us to live, in this strange zone. This US importance is totally destructive of our ways of life. I think to rely so much on the US and not to live it. We are briefly asked politely to kreep on the ground. just for example, This is what explains the riots in France, such feeling of non sense in our life. The riots people destroyed anything, associations, cars, police camp, handicap elevators, wifi poles, all, I think then it's got discussed in the Media, and they ask to the Maire, or to Sarko, or to Whoever in the STate to do something about it. Actually nobody understands that this freemarket is a, CNN and ABC want to make clear the rioters are a joke because of Chirac opposing US, this is bullshit, they need to be exposed to
 them. Why are there no riots in the US as you said? Why is OIL so important: to keep us checked, so that we can be measurable, we can enjoy our fixed independency, our little ego can say yes to democracy, let's just cross the Ocean and help the US. They need a free market.
  NZ <pretzelworld at gmail.com> wrote:
  This is from radio netherlands december 18 2005 with andy clark. they
are talking about terrorism, the terrorist... (violence vs
the unionist perhaps also...
Noam Chomsky: The Iraqi people have resisted and it's a very
impressive resistance. I'm not talking about insurgency. I'm talking
about popular, non-violent resistance under bitter conditions. There's
a labour movement forming, which is a very important one. The US
insists on keeping Saddam's bitter anti-labour laws, but the labour
movement doesn't like it. Their activists are being killed. Nobody
knows by whom, maybe by insurgents, maybe by former Baathists, maybe
by somebody else. But they're working. There's the basis of a popular
democracy being developed there, much to the horror of the occupying
forces, but it's going on and it could have very long term
consequences in their national affairs, which is why Bush and Blair
have so desperately been trying to prevent democracy and any form of
sovereignty and have been forced to back off step by step. This is
also going on with the economic arrangements. The US moved in and
immediately tried to open up the economy to foreign take-over by
imposing outrageous and in fact illegal laws for privatisation. You
know, Iraqis don't want that, they want to take control of their own
economy and resources. There's a battle going on about that."

read the whole transcript here: ( <-------- VERY GOOD!!! )

I downloaded the whole interview from limewire.com very quickly.

Radio Netherlands has some leftover quotes from the transmission with
commentblog from listeners: (<---- there is a sucint statement on
"power" and "power-tactics" at the end)

.....meanwhile the big bullfrog bulgaria moves in the pond...
looks like good news...!!!

Bulgaria withdraws infantry from Iraq
>From correspondents in Baghdad
December 27, 2005
BULGARIA has withdrawn its entire 334-strong light infantry battalion
from Iraq, in line with plans to end its military presence there by
the end of the year, its Defence Ministry said today.

During a Christmas trip to Iraq, US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
announced Washington would not deploy 7000 combat troops from two
brigades that would scale down troop numbers in Iraq from around the
standard level of 138,000 over the past year to around a new baseline

did you know that two bulgarian brothers invented greek orthodoxy for
the russians and simultaneously invented cyrilic russian? this happend
waaaaaaay before color tv 1910, more like 9th century.
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