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rita hayworth electronic20zzdeepfeet at yahoo.fr
Tue Jan 17 10:20:31 PST 2006

I am new. Liza invited me. She told me one her friend is trying to do something on this website.
  I am an expert in website, so this is how I am coming here.
  If i got it right there is a book to be made, and you don't know how to make it. 
  I want to ask a simple question: does anybody has access to the archives from your account?
  It's important to have acess because we are going to explore the archive, and make a group of discussion
  for the choice of what in them is interesting, why is it interesting will be discussed, and we will try to present reasons by which evaluation of the posts in the Archives of Spoon DG and Drift Line DG.
  That's the first process.
  People say now what do you think is a good criterium of receptibility of a Post: is it
  -originality of subject discussed
  - originality of the expression used
  - the writer is an established artist
  - versus
  -the writer is dead, unknown, anonymous, bizarre
  So it's a task of selection that we're heading to.
  I think Liza thought about asking my personal help because she knew my past (I've written and edited a collective essay on the Sociology of Internet, wherin I was studying subjectivities at play on chatrooms, networked games. It's my passion, but I am also serious, educated in all cyberhacktivist practice, and I am willing to make a difference.
  SO that's it, now
  up top the people here to answer my question I guess!

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