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Tue Feb 28 09:54:34 PST 2006

   i am thinking also about the topic of war machine and this is what i think
  i think the war machine DG said can be in relation
  to the state. what i do not measure, is the way takes off this relation.
  in ATP there's two Machines of War position, see  of Apparatus of Capture Chapter
  Did Benjamin not write during the second world war, and was particulary concerned with Nazi
  I am somewhat shame ridden to say:
  In the way Nazis were an implosion of Capitalism, a capture by the Third Reich of segments and flows of the war machine of capitalism, yet turning it against itself. It did so in reason thereof Capitalism shared coexistence or combination with States like France, America, Russia (Britain etc)
  and wish i d Rather say: 
  Deleuze say Nazi were suicidary. i took the States (cfr Mein Kamph in Propaganda) 
  values, ressources, and vampirized it. Which triggered this is a 1929 crisis, external, to Germany.
  The question for Agamben, might be: what with the modern day War Machine in its non minoritarian position. The simple fact of its exteriority, implies States are combined, in the activity of the War Machine. The violence you speaketh therewhichcomes from the reterritorialisation on the ressources of States (I guess this can be energy, but can be values, in reason States incorporeates values and energies.) for the active of the War Machine.
  Please answer if I am correct.If this goes your way, and helps. I would like your opinion because my thought need be perfect. Gracias.

Nicholas Kiersey <nkiersey at vt.edu> wrote:
  Dear D&G folks:

Having read Deleuze and Guattari a bit on nomadism and the concept of 
the war machine some time back, I am today reading Agamben on 
Benjamin's notion of a 'pure violence' that undermines sovereignty by 
virtue of the "simple fact of its exteriority".

Can someone tell me if they share my feeling that there is a 
resonance between the war machine and benjamin's pure violence? Has 
this been explored? Is there somewhere Agamben elaborates on this in 

Perhaps someone more involved in these literatures might be able to 
shed some light?



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