[D-G] going nut or going in hardcore psychiatry is not a dilemma

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 11 22:46:29 PST 2006

Dear Ismael,
  i like music of event like Mozart, sadness in the event, in the spinoza events i saw (Candillon said he listened to music
  aswell), thanks Spinoza we know important Viennese Musician helped Spinoza  about the best way to diplomatizely resolve holes of alienations of the other internet haophazards so what could WEEE listen to? ANARCHIST BANDS? THE ONLY HAPPY PPL CUT SOUND FOLD UP UNDER GROUNDS SOUND COLLECTIONS have listened to my writing on the list
  yes shame to me and thx foer go being so happy fuck around and ignore US Wars and fuck hard instead?
  when Bush (sorry for havibg said fuck war)  is now sending troops i saw warriors on French Parlieemantary Channels; and the Theater of the TV THe Conspiracy of Comedians: cOREA IS LINKED WITH iRAN IN THE RACE TOWARDS ARMS , Nobody likes me i want to be cursed and cuddled.But I bet Iran will attack Russia Today. The need to stand protected is not so sad. alas. But I am to present and apolo gize to you dear hear oh so really i could not make jokes .

Ismael Pequod <callmeishmael1 at gmail.com> wrote:
  I like all événement music événement. But this list is very sad, in a
spinozean-deleuzian-ishmael-and-others-various-others point of no-view and
no-return. You call psychiatry speaking a lot of shit like you speak. It´s a
lot of decadence, not événement.

This list, with your callings to psychiatrychzing you, is very sad. You´re
very sad, do not allowing any événement in this list, Pierre-Εφαιλτης-Liza.

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