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I am a working on theatre , and I am trying to trace connections between the 
Jungian archetypes and Deleuze & Guattari ideas.
Sometimes I felt that I have been moving in two contradictory directions at 
the same time.  I am interested in the multiplicity of archetypes, but I do 
not want to get  reduced to one essentialist  interpretation.
 I am so glad to read your email where u look upon them as an assemblage.
 I am making a piece concerning fairy tales  seams to me that fairy tales 
are always about becoming. Good fairy tales are becomigs animal.  They are 
abstract sories where one can undergoes transformation. I am reading now 
Marie Louize van Franz;  founder of Jung institute in Zurich she has a lot 
of material concerning archetypal motives on fairy tales, I was in NYC last 
week, pitty I just missed the Jung institute there I had no idea of its 
 thanks a lot for the tips, the archetypal website it is really special

All the Best


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> Hi,
> I just went to a fantastic library on my lunch break, the Jungian
> institue @ 25 E 39th St., NYC. It is really worth a visit b/c of all
> the material that they supply. Espcially the visual library, which has
> thousands of images of artwork spanning the neolithic to the
> postmodern period..plus every image in their library contains a card
> with detailed junian analysis of the spcific arhetypes. Delueze writes
> often of arhetypes, mainly stress the "assemblege" (because therir is
> never just one archetype but a multitude with a cummulative meaning, I
> tty to remindmyslef of the assemblege often because it is easy to
> forget and instead take one meaning too often. Delusse also was
> conerned witht eh mythologizing of the "teacher" figure ( see ABC
> summery of deluze on google : abc delueze
> If you cannot get to nyc, perhaps the online catalog of archetypes
> might be useful, I have not visited the website but here is the
> address:
> http://aras.org/index.aspx
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