[D-G] Hello everyone!

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 09:51:08 PST 2006

I just went to a fantastic library on my lunch break, the Jungian
institue @ 25 E 39th St., NYC. It is really worth a visit b/c of all
the material that they supply. Espcially the visual library, which has
thousands of images of artwork spanning the neolithic to the
postmodern period..plus every image in their library contains a card
with detailed junian analysis of the spcific arhetypes. Delueze writes
often of arhetypes, mainly stress the "assemblege" (because therir is
never just one archetype but a multitude with a cummulative meaning, I
tty to remindmyslef of the assemblege often because it is easy to
forget and instead take one meaning too often. Delusse also was
conerned witht eh mythologizing of the "teacher" figure ( see ABC
summery of deluze on google : abc delueze
If you cannot get to nyc, perhaps the online catalog of archetypes
might be useful, I have not visited the website but here is the

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