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bart twains south_asia_data_flow at yahoo.com.my
Thu Oct 27 17:03:30 PDT 2005



You take me in a moment where I am trying to relax from a conference I had today in Hong Kong. People tried to propose me to choose between an astronomical number of companies in which I have shares, and well there is the stakeholder of my main Multinational who are playing hybrid games in the restroom right now. My secretaress is under the desk making me a blow job to mention everything. I think my cock is big if I have to compare it to the average cock. I am circumsised, at birth, not because I am from any religion, but really because my parents were afraid of a certain sickness i don't remember which. Have you had ever the chance to embrace a cock which is circumsised. Liza?


I think I don't know you but I would be happy you talked about some of your personnal experiences with men. Do you feel attracted when my words flow, and I say B I G C O C K waiting for you to be vampyrised, hacked by your tentacles, octopus tissue of a mouth like yours I feel, I am surre your teeth are white as snow, you must be beautiful to bite.


I mean it. I get the mental picture of you. Bytelepathy. Do you know , do you beleive in mental image exchange by telepathy. Yoko is under my desk, bowing her head. Ha Ha I am the Master of the situation in Hong Kong. This company is one of the best in the world. Not only I am powerful, but I am one of the happiest man in this crumbling world.


Only few have heard so far of Bart Twain. They will, I tell you my word, they sure they will for I am an expert in cock handling. Yoko smiles now Ha Ha. We smile together, it's delicious, some sperm or liquid pearling on her fleshy pink lips. She smells good also. I  its so wonderful. Why wouldn't you send me another mail. I felt your mail. I fell I feel you Liza.


I have to go check something.


Meanwhile stay assured of best sentiments towards you.


I will explain my company another time hopefully.


Bart T.

Liza Kozner <liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk> menulis:
mmh let me think... what can you tell about your industry... how can i link my self to your games, i like adventures, is this the Big One? tell more about your infrastructure and your superstructures, did you imagine to touch me on the sound basis of the scrutiny of my poetry?

thank you for anyfeedback you can give on me.


liza K.

bart twains wrote:

How are you? Have you not considered that there are powerful people who can help you in this world? I am certainly capable to amaze you. I own a Company in South East Asia, and I want to play hardcore games on the Internet. This is how I found this website. My idea is to capitalize the ideas on money. I have power and can lead you to the mysteries you have forgot long ago. Don't give up the fight! Contact me I am wealthy aswell.



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